The Pink Elephant Studio

Welcome  to the Creature Rock sonic workshop, creative sanctuary and musical laboratory,  The Pink Elephant Studio!

This free standing, acoustically designed, 720 sq.ft professional project studio was built and is privately owned by power couple Mathew and Michael Parker. After 4 incarnations of the studio in 3 different states,  and 2 1/2 years  of construction, the Pink Elephant is now a permanent creative resource  in Austin, TX. With 17ft vaulted ceilings, a 400sqft live tracking room, iso room, loft, water closet, bamboo floors, magical natural lighting, top of the line acoustics, and a talented, committed and experienced engineering team, the sound quality is nothing short of outstanding.  Every detail of this studio, every plank of wood on the floor, every wire in the wall, from Michael’s hand designed blackbird control room window, to Mathew’s colour coordinated patch bay, has been personally designed, selected, and installed with a golden touch! Want to visit in person?

The Pink Elephant is available to rent for your tracking and mixing projects as well!

We regularly track full bands (LOUD- soft), singer-songwriters, classical musicians, experimental performers and audio artists. We are open for soundtrack work, audio description projects, and avant-garde orchestrations not limited by genre expectations.  Being the unorthodox type, we hope help tackle those creative ideas in the Austin studio landscape that need a place to feel at home and inspired.

Creature Rock is not just a band, but a lifestyle of sharing creativity, in the hopes of enriching the sonic aesthetic of the music community. Our vision is to advance the originality and expressiveness of all creative disciplines, and to further the important purpose of music and art in the world.

The Pink Elephant Studio was built to serve and  honor that creative intention, and to give us a place to collaborate with other talented artists and extend our creature community by making lots of music, recording it, sharing it, and have lots of fun making history together!

If any of this expresses your values, the Pink Elephant may be right for your project! Please contact Michael with the details of your project to get availability and rates on studio time.


People who go studio shopping inevitably want to see the gear list, so below are some keywords you will find floating around the Pink Elephant. We agree that gear is important, and have an affinity to quality tools. Like every studio, we are always building that toolbox. Equipment is subservient to the vision and the product. Sometimes a live timpani is your sound, and sometimes it’s a paint bucket. A good sounding room is key to any professional grade recording and the Pink Elephant is top flight and fits right in with our other stellar gear including..

Pro Tools, Mac Pro, Presonus, Genelec, Sennheiser, Roland, Korg Kronos, Moog, Fender, Dr. Z, Vox, Martin, Earthworks, Yamaha, Neumann, Shure, Audix, Rode, AKG, Allen & Heath, Hearback, Echoplex, Kurzweil, Gibson, Paiste, Zildjian, Meinl, Whirlwind, Mogami, Z-vex, Boss, Peterson, T-Rex, Lehle, Electro Hamonix, Maxon, JJOS MPC1000


The Pink Elephant was originally started in 2005 at the foot of Pike’s Peak in Colorado. After training in a commercial studio as a Protools engineer and with much encouragement, Michael  tracked  and produced the album Naked in the 1st  Pink Elephant studio. That experience marked the start of Michael’s exploration as a producer and engineer.

The 2nd Pink Elephant studio was in a small apartment in an old Victorian building in central San Francisco, Alamo Square. The building, luckily, was full musicians, and the studio was welcome. We began recording more experimental arrangements, short film scores, and foley work.

We were excited to be working in a niche, but it became increasingly apparent that we needed to expand our sonic laboratory, particularly for Michael’s personal body of work. San Francisco is a very expensive place to expand your territory. We needed more space for more people, more sonic isolation, and to have a more affordable and permanent home base for the Pink Elephant; so in 2009, we relocated to Austin.

The studio was temporarily set up a 3rd time in a great space, to record The Creature Sessions.  After years of hard work, planning, designing, financial acrobatics, and a whole lot of love and faith, from a couple whose life is devoted to their growing creative enterprise, you are now able to come explode in the recording studio, like the rock star you are, and work with the Creature Crew to make your dream come true!

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