The Creature of Rock

Uncut indie rock diamond, Michael Scott Parker has spent her life developing, researching, exploring, and representing ideas that challenge assumptions about art and its many uses by emphasizing creativity in daily life. Rooted in 4 albums of rhapsody rock, her highly developed (self-promoted) musical incarnation, Creature Rock, is an expanding creative enterprise.

Creature Rock incorporates all of Michael’s talents as a accomplished multi-instrumentalist, song/score/process writer, visual and concept design, and recording / performing artist; all of which are remarkably saturated with originality.

Her vision is to appeal to a deeper and heightened sensory experience of her audiences using Universal Design at the level of creative awareness through art and performances.

Creature Rock is aimed at making the connection of body, mind, and spirit a more concrete experience.

Michael’s drive to bring her imagination into form and orchestrations to life have inspired passionate responses from fans of all ages, critics and colleagues from all musical tastes. West Coast Performer Magazine says “she is set to plant the seed of self expression to all of Earth’s creatures.”  Michael Creature embodies a natural star power, and the mission is to facilitate her unusually prolific imagination into its fullest artistic expression, and to make these expressions available to a world thirsty for authentic genius.

Artist Statement:

“Creation is my purpose. My purpose is my process. My process is my product.” – Michael Creature

Creature Rock: (n/v)

1. Rhapsodies of unorthodox, imaginative rock intended to convey a message of self- expression or growth of being. Orchestrations that are lyrical in nature and artistic in purpose.
2. To live the process.

Michael Creature beats her piano and guitars fearlessly like the heartstrings of her listeners. Drumming architect, James “Ichabod” Harwood launches you like a crushed black velvet drumstick into the stratosphere! It’s been said they are “other worldly”, but Creature sings, “Do you think you’re grounded?”

Michael is a creative force of nature.

“She is one of those rare individuals who literally exudes vitality and creativity through every pore of her body,” says music producer and co-owner of City Tracks recording studio, John Standish. “Working with Michael is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. She has such an amazing talent and energy, that sometimes just being in the same room with her can be overwhelming, though always inspiring!”

“In a word, Michael is prolific.” David Vickers- Cheyenne Edition

The trail of her process spans music, visual art, dance, theatre, writing compositions.  She has completed works in all of these mediums.

Michael has an impressive catalog of music, her latest full length studio recording, the Creature Sessions, showcases her instrumental savoir-faire, while exploring several themes and styles.

Her music, lyrics and arrangements, are all her own. And not only did she play the majority of the instruments on her album, she also recorded and produced it under the supervision of a commercial music producer who additionally trained her in Pro Tools for 2 years. He helped her make educated decisions in building a digital recording studio  (The Pink Elephant Recording Studio, now based in South Austin, TX). Michael has begun recording and producing upcoming artists that compliment her concept of a new creative compound.

Michael Scott Parker is a musical creature.Michael coined the genre sensual creature rock. Her penchant for true imagination mixes together intricate canorous melodies, deep velvet vocals, and highly realized rhythm styles, pushing rock in an unorthodox way.

She has been compared to having “Prince-like abilities”, being a formidable rock guitarist and having capacity for handling multiple instruments. As well as having the originality of David Bowie and Kate Bush, the rock of PJ Harvey and Pattie Smith, the sensuality of Tori Amos, the skill and intellect of predecessors such as Ani Difranco and Bob Dylan.

Michael shines on stage and embodies a depth that fuels the eclectic and intense music of her heartstrings. Howling sultry lyrics layered with emotion and meaning, dancing uncensored and unforgiving for her fans while her hands beat fearless control out of her six stringed companions, seeing her live is where magic happens! People are drawn to Michael’s passionate and somewhat peculiar genius.

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Michael has been photographed by some of the most famous rock photographers in the world, including Baron Wolman (Rolling Stone Magazine’s first photographer, who also shot the cover of her recent release Naked, Jim Marshall, and Michael Zagaris, and many others from the top of the art world. She has been musically schooled by jazz legends, such as Barry Wedgle (also founder of Exit Records). She previously worked on a songwriting team with members of EXIT records composing and arranging scores for television and film.

Michael was making up tunes and playing her grandfather’s pianos before she was old enough to even attend kindergarten. (she poses naked with her cousin on her grandfather’s dueling pianos at age 4 on the back of her recent album.) After growing up playing saxophone in marching band, Michael had formal education in the arts, first majoring in Musical Theatre and minoring in Dance at East Carolina University, following her dance studies in Rome, Italy at Ials Dance Conservatory, where she was one of two minors allowed to attend the school. She transferred to Appalachian State University, sang in the ASU Treble Choir and switched to Music Performance (specializing in voice) and Music Therapy. She lived another “lifetime” using her music to work with the geriatric population, focusing on Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients. Besides being a certified electrician on the side and doing a little plumbing here and there, that was her last job before committing to full time musician/ artist.

Michael was playing reputable stages, such as Cat’s Cradle (N.C.) when she was 16! In a humble beginning of writing and performing on the bass in an original duo called OTITIS, she joined a rock-a-billy band, The Sidewalls, and reggae band back in college,playing her sax. She inevitably made a name for herself opening up, with her intensely exotic sensual edgy rock, for the other bands she was in.

Michael has gone on to be the invited musician at events such as the Andy Warhol Exhibit , The Backstage Pass Rock-n-Roll Photography Exhibition and has extended her talent to fundraisers for TESSA (against domestic violence). Michael alone and with Oh My! is developing an international fan base, spread from the East Coast to the West Coast of the US, the UK, and even the island nation of Jamaica.

Daughter of a stunt woman/artist, she has traveled the world since birth, collecting diverse perspectives and experience that inform her creative process. Her message is that creativity is her purpose, her purpose is in the process, and the process is the product.


Michael Scott Parker won the 2009 MALI Community Choice AwardMichael Scott Parker and Creature Rock were awarded the Community Choice Award at the 2009 Media Arts and Literacy Institute’s (MALI) Women’s Film & Performance Arts Festival! There was an amazing collection of talented female filmmakers, poets, and musicians participating from all over North America, gathered in venues all over Austin, TX for 4 days of performances.

Michael Scott Parker - PAPAA award winner, 2005.

Michael Scott Parker of Oh My! wins Best Solo Singer Songwriter for Popular Music in the Peak Area Performance and Artists Awards (PAPAAs) in Colorado Springs, September 2005! She was awarded by the Pike’s Peak Arts Council at a red carpet affair.

Michael Scott Parker - the Best of the Springs 2006!Michael
Scott Parker has been recognized with a “Best of the Springs
2006” award by the Colorado Springs’ Gazette,
in the category of Best
! She is in a category all her own, so they created one for her.

Check out the Press page for more information.

Michael Scott Parker - Great American Songwriting Contest Honors Award, 2003.Oh My!’s song “Faithbound” won a Great American Songwriting Contest Honor Award for 2003.


Michael has had dances choreographed and taught to her compositions by the Ormao Dance company, made numerous appearances on live radio, sang and danced in the world premier of the rock opera “the Seventh Son” and was recognized publicly for her original music performance in the “Vagina Monologues”. She has done multiple radio and television commercials and she recently did stunt work for the Coen Brothers in their Academy-Award winning film, No Country for Old Men. Along with her formal theatre and dance training she studied under Actress Susan Strausberg, in Rome, and took voice over at the Fine Arts Center of Colorado Springs, where she ended up performing for many upscale events, like the Best of the Independent Newspaper Celebration. Once again, she crosses back to her strongest muse of performing original music.

Michael is writing, choreographing, composing, and designing the set of her own rock opera, along term project, based on her comic book series, the Pink Elephant Greyman Series.


KOOP-Austin TX co-op radio – “What’s a Girl To Do?”

KTAO the famous solar powered radio station-Paddy Mac Show

KRCC-Jazz radio

WUSC-Womanifesto show

KCMN-Tron in the Morning

KZYX&Z- Women’s Voices

“ Michael Scott Parker sits on the cusp of a significant breakthrough. The question is will it be I the world of art, where she appears to have limitless abilities and a huge storehouse of ideas and inspirations, or will it be in the world of music, where she has already demonstrated considerable talents and perhaps even a stronger muse.”

David Vickers, The Cheyenne Edition


Michael’s promethean approach to expression has a distinct impact on her visual presentation. She was featured in a 3-page spread in The Cheyenne Edition for her three dimensional assemblages and detail-driven, multi-coloured pen/ink, acrylic, water colour and wax pigment paintings. Leather, feathers, bones, wire, intricate drawings, attached with thread and electrical outlets, metal, and poetry, consciously woven into her hallucinatory artwork.  Her pieces are collected by many. Her work has been displayed in The Victoria’s Secret Service 5 Woman Exhibit, and housed in the homes of other celebrated artists.

Michael Scott Parker and some of her paintings.Art is a place to relax from the world of music.  In between performance time, she is in the recording studio or composing. She paints as a way to utilize unused ideas or dissonant energy. Michael creates a unique collection of work alongside every album she records. That body of work is used for the album’s design, new visions of the performances, band merchandise, and solidifies entire concepts of her protean mind.

Michael apprenticed in the art of Japanese paper making, making sculptures and sconce lights with her electrical training. She has done bodice casting, and did a series of  female torsos for an installation.  Her recent series, created and used in the album Naked are all acrylic and wax pigment, with a little cork board and staff paper thrown in as texture, are spirit paintings of her family and the city of San Francisco. “Idealized Woman,” based on her mother, “Lion, Dragon, Pilot,” based on her husband, “The Phoenix and the Ghost Train,” based on her grandparents, and “Aqua Woman in Love,” a self portrait of herself as an aquatic creature with a explosive cavity in her head, is the main feature of the album art. To have a showing of Michael’s artwork in your gallery (where she loves to perform music for the openings) Contact her through


Michael writes and illustrates a graphic novel/comic book, The Pink Elephant Greyman Series. She developed an entire mythology of characters to assign her complicated personal construction. The Pink Elephant/Greyman Series are Michael Scott Parker cornering inspiration.treasured drawings with cryptic captions, all hand-written. Basically, a raw creative representation of her many moods, all, searching to reveal the face of the main character, a vintage doll named #17. Michael has hand-made, life-sized sculptures of the characters on display in her studio. The pink elephant head dominates her recording studio – “she’s there to bring happy energy to my work time and is the protector of my band.” Pink Elephant is now the band’s logo and is seen on Oh My! shirts, stickers and band memorabilia everywhere. Coming soon is the written biographies of each of the comic book characters, who have all made their way into the public as icons of Oh My!

“I don’t remember having ever thought there was something I could not do. And when I dreamt my own language, I believe that was my subconscious instructing me.”



Michael invented a conlang, or constructed language, which she calls Euthinethany. This phenomenon came to her in a series of dreams, and she has filled books with this secret writing. She has sold pages of her journal to art collectors, she reads and writes it fluently, and also can speak it.  Communication of emotions of the subconscious is how the characters were formed.  The writing is beautiful, artistic, and musical, and is featured in the album art of Creature Rock’s latest release, the Creature Sessions. Michael uses the language in part to help transport her to a natural creature state.  It is a catalyst for creative thought, as it removes common context, and is a medium for finding her unique artistic voice. Michael enjoys the aesthetics of using this language and it pleases her soul. To see examples of Euthinethany, check out the ART page.

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