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It seems obvious, but if you don’t actually thank the people you love, and who have loved you and encouraged you, then they may never know.

Thank you, Mathew! My imperial husband, who without you, I would be merely a reaching soul with my own heart just out of arms’ reach.

Thank you, Moma! Whose colourful threads help put me together. For sewing me up when the world tore at me, and throwing me a safety pin, and telling me it was okay if I wanted to wear it as an earring. Most of all, for showing me what it’s like to be hungry for life’s experiences.

Thank you, Grandma! For teaching me about faith. And always exuding your undying passion for life. Your joy is addictive.

Thank you, uncle Tim! For teaching me my first chords on the guitar, and taking me to the blues bars in secret when I was a wee girl. And for always loving me unconditionally.

Thank you, uncle Tom! For paying for my first violin lesson, for staying involved in my progress, and for taking lots of pictures.

Baron Wolman
Amazing new creative bonds formed recently, when Oh My! made their way to Santa Fe, NM to work a photo shoot with the legendary photographer Baron Wolman. Mr. Wolman is known primarily for being the first photographer for Rolling Stone magazine.
He has photographed every major rock icon, including Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Jerry Garcia, Jim Morrison, and many others. He is considered a pillar of music history, shaping the musical era that paved the way for all others. What a special opportunity for Oh My!, to be
added to such a phenomenal portfolio, not to mention developing such a dynamic and inspirational relationship. The ladies shot for 2 days in over eight settings, getting the most sublime direction from Baron.
As he puts it, they happily seized the opportunity to get “immortalized” by the legend himself. He commented that all in all, “it was an earth moving experience.” Oh My! humbly and sincerely agree, and thank you, Baron!


To learn more about Baron Wolman and to see his other amazing work, visit

Oh My! in Taos, NM
After meeting Michael at the Backstage Pass photo exhibition in Taos, NM, legendary rock photographer Jim Marshall mailed her an autographed print of her and Karen’s performance. From his bio,
“Jim Marshall can loose a stream of highly specific invective in the same breath as a modest bon mot, thus nixing any serious link between Marshall and light with a capital ‘L,’ but his is the unerring eye, passion and skill in an incredible body of work that coaxes light to caress, kiss and reveal the essence of his subjects. From boyhood, when a camera was his more-than-just-a-toy companion, Marshall and his Leicas have chronicled the worlds of jazz and rock music, protest, pomp and presidents from East to West and beyond. He captured the future-famous in the days when a whole band had to share one motel room and the now-famous when the excess and ennui might seep from the seams of their perfected personae.
…If Jim Marshall has slowed down at all these days, it’s only because he doesn’t find shots worthy of his talent. True to his core values, he won’t be restricted in his access to his subjects and represents a standard of excellence that the hubris-inflicted can barely comprehend. For all his bravado and expletive-deleted delivery, however, Jim Marshall is remarkably humble when asked about his talent. “It’s the camera,” he says, “my Leicas.” Of course, we all know that’s not the half of it.”
What an honor to capture the imagination of a man who has truly seen it all in Rock & Roll. Thanks for everything, Jim.

Michael would like to thank Wildwood Guitars in Louisville, CO! Special thanks to Steve Mesplé for his genuine concern in helping Michael find a perfect acoustic guitar. “His expertise in guitars was like a divining rod, that heard my inner desire.” After playing thirty guitars that day, Michael ultimately decided upon the first guitar that Steve had handed her, a Martin HD-35.
“I named her Joan, after Joan of Arc. She’s not too flashy, but when I play her, she reminds me of a simple sword that is sharp as hell.”
Wildwood Guitars recommended Michael to take her Martin to Woodsongs Lutherie in Boulder, CO for her pickup installation. She is a naturalist when it comes to her instruments, and wanted to get Joan’s pickup system to sound as close to her unamplified sound as possible. Thanks so much to Jon Eaton! He thoroughly explained different solutions to amplification, and helped Michael make the most informed choice. He has been a luthier in Boulder for 25 years, and you can hear the love in his work.
“I felt like a member of my family was going into surgery, but I trusted my guitar in Jon’s big hands, and rightfully so! He turned her into a touring guitar, and his work was beautifully executed. I like seeing his signature mark on my saddle…There’s nothing but good energy all over my instrument!”
Steve at Wildwood told Michael that the guys at Woodsong’s Lutherie could walk on water. He smiled at Michael when he said for her to tell Jon to prove it. Well, Steve, Jon says he didn’t even get his ankles wet with this one! Good job, guys!

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