Legends in Reality

lacockbbcHello to all in the Creature Community!! Creature Rock is back after many months overseas, opening doors to other worlds. Albeit, we were unable to revive our only computer after drowning in buffalo mozzarella brine, constantly struggled to find the right adapter for each country’s electrical outlets, and shared lots of other laughable (at least now) travel chutes and ladders.  But the pilgrimages across the English countryside took the Creature beyond being on the left instead of the right,  learning how to take a water bus or opening train car doors manually, to more moving experiences like visiting the castle of her namesake, St. Michael’s Mount, down at Land’s End, traveling months on foot, with visits to surrounding villages from elfin home bases to absorb the local myths and legends, have truly inspired the album in progress!


We have spoken about travel at different lengths in other newsletters, as it is an essential part of our artistic process – it goes hand in hand with opening personal doors of understanding about the world, and even more about yourself. The stories of a people bring us closer to the archetypal foundations of human nature.  And when we circulate the global awareness of what is foundational to a culture through story telling, through myth and legend, we learn so much more about truth and reality.
Our current research is based on the integral theory, in which every one asks the question “Who am I?” How can we answer that question with only one perception, without knowledge of the archetypal information to which every human culture has contributed?
pipe_organLike the story of the blind men and the elephant, (I love stories with elephants) we can better understand reality when we share our experience…I touched an ear over here, and you touched a leg, and  someone touched a trunk over there. Therefore, we learn to truly see by sharing with each other. It is so important to get out into the villages, the ones on the very edges, and be with the people and get their stories. We met so many wonderful people who inspired us and the album in progress!!
Michael Creature’s “myths and legends” album, (being paired with a series of written stories) creates new myths and new archetypes. Stories create a container to reference our experiences, and in this day and age in society, the world is starving for a new set of myths – powerful messages and imagery that touch something fundamental and informational about the magical parts of ourselves. The part of ourselves that give us hope and purpose! In creating stories that will persist through the ages, Michael spends a lot of time studying the roots of the great myths and legends that have lasted over 17,000 years, and is now quite knowledgeable on the many Thunder and Lightning Gods cross-culturally.


One of her new songs “Thunder and Lightning” is now making its way to the ears of the UK and Central Europe. Creature Rock wants to thank Bear Ralph of Ludgvan, Cornwall, and the David White Show for having us ON-AIR LIVE on BBC RADIO CORNWALL. From visiting Strangeworld Studios in London, down to a visit to Peter Gabriel’s Realworld Studios, near Bath, to the very bottom of Land’s End. I’d say the UK leg of our journey was just wonderful.
Myth or reality… Michael Creature’s first time ever playing a Bösendorfer piano was Peter Gabriel’s personal Bösendorfer! True story, but legendary, my friends!! All our legends begin with real people and real extraordinary events! And there are so many stories to tell!
The Creature had a wonderful performance on pipe organ – yep – pipe organ, at The Cause in Chippenham, England!



Additionally, had a lot of fun singing with the Lingmara World  Music Choir, having cocktails with musicians and the creator of the Jasperian theatre at a 1000 year old pub that is mentioned in the Domesday Book, playing music at sea shanties along the Thames River, hearing new Creature Rock songs echoing through Venetian canals, learning to play Lawn Green Bowls with the English National Champions, listening to the Royal Band play on the front lawn of Windsor Castle, while the Queen was home, listening to the Italian Navy Marching band play for the yacht racing awards, getting star treatment from the Radio Bottega crew (Thanks Davide!) and hanging out in David Bowie’s place of origin in Brixton!


Brixton is on the south side of London, and they have a reputation for independent thinking. For instance, they have their own legal currency! It is called the Brixton Pound and believe it, no myth, David Bowie is on the 10£ Brixton! I could go on about what it means to have your own personal currency, metaphorically, but that is for another lesson in creature philosophy.


You know that Michael Creature loves her horse racing and has a new song all about it, so it was a tear jerker to watch the Grand National under London Bridge, next to the pigeon sandwich stand. Later the same day, we squeezed in a little music history, viewing handwritten manuscripts of Mozart and Beethoven, and even had a little fun visiting 221B Baker St., for you Sherlock Holmes fans.
And yes, we had to visit the three mythical sites of Stone Henge, Wood Henge (also not a myth) and Avebury.  Avebury has a particular spiritual impact, and we commemorated our visit by tying ribbons in the great tree that protects villagers who live within the sacred henge.
And how could we forget Tony Seeger and his unique and exquisite sounding harp guitars! Michael Creature on harp guitar and pipe organ!?! Legendary but still true! In fact, another reason we traveled for the album’s inspiration is to work with instruments indigenous to different areas. Expanding the sonic palette and and having the opportunity to perform with this instrument selection has been a treasure!


It’s interesting to trace the evolution of musical styles and instruments, based on the history of the place and the instruments that were widely accepted and available.
We were touched and excited to be taken on a private tour up into the bell tower of The Parish church of St.Paul, built in the 600’s, to learn the history of the church’s bells, and had the honor of sitting in on bellmen’s rehearsal, where we learned the number system of calls and all about the ropes and sallies! What a purifying experience… they were so generous to let us make some recordings and take a little video. Down below, we’ve attached a little clip of Michael Creature rounding the spiral stairs up to the bell tower.
In every culture, you can hear how the folk music of a place has influenced its contemporary popular music. Peter Gabriel is such a great example of embracing world music and folk instruments from around the globe, and infusing it with his original music of the present. A good example of the integral theory. In order to know where you are going, it is good to know where you have been!


Although we have been connecting with so many new worlds, we missed connecting with all of you. So thank you for being patient and keeping the support and love while we extend our creature community out to more of the world. I will leave you with this for now… Check some of your main archetypes at www.archetypes.com.
Who do you think we are??   We are the Creatures. Our mission is your mission. You help decide… Love and Light! ⑰

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With the Grasshopper, We Leap

Creatures do not live their lives in fear, but in faith. As we grow up, we take on more and more responsibilities, and many of us shift from living in the present moment, to stabilizing our lives to provide a feeling of security. Sometimes to the detriment of our dreams. The goals of building our lives into something we find socially acceptable, separate us from our mission subtly. As this happens, we have to re-evaluate what the original sources of inspiration were to live in our bliss. Our reality can become split; and we think we can’t change our responsibilities, and we fear to leap, and that feeling of what we want to do, and what we have to do, seem as though it cannot coexist.

As an artist, this realization confronts me head on – building a studio, a home, a solid understanding of what I can actually accomplish… At some point it becomes a choice that we make- to accept our lives as a split, or to redirect our priorities back towards our purpose. We manifest our destinies with each step, each choice, and each leap.

In Proverbs it is written, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Vision fortifies our agreements with ourselves and guides us into service. “Purpose, then, is vision in action.” While needs change and visions evolve, a life informed by purpose supports creatures capable of growth and transformation. It is then no longer a question of can we do it, but how do we do it?

That journey is the gift of our life – a life you can be proud of, that you endeavor to achieve, beyond the fear of the challenges that reveal themselves as sufficient for growth, beyond survival, in a world that sees itself as limited, when in fact, we have the ingenuity to rearrange our resources.

And so, I meditate with the grasshopper, who moves to its own rhythm, grooves to its own special melody, and takes tremendous leaps of faith, where others fear to tread. The grasshopper uses thousands of tiny eyes to formulate the bigger picture. Perhaps, they intuitively use this special vision to see the world with a sense of adventure and groundedness, to fly and land with divine choreography.

The grasshopper reminds us that the inner voice, the songs in our hearts, can “bounce us into parallel worlds of awe and joy.” Helping us make forward motion in our lives, with great leaps of courage, helping purpose and true self-realization.

And so, now that we have built our foundation and established our base, we are taking a leap forward. Sitting atop a new body of music, we are going to the UK (starting in London) on April 1st, demo cuts in hand, to push the development of our sound and purpose, into the arms of British producers, where so many of our favorite artists have sculpted the records and musical atmospheres that have inspired the Creature throughout her life… from the Beatles to PJ Harvey, David Bowie, Queen, Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, and dearest to the Creature, Kate Bush.

We endeavor to open new doors, share our music on new shores, and intertwine our American way of hard work and DIY, with another culture that has demonstrated great capacity for realizing original music, whose rhapsodies require another perspective. Joining forces with the British and their comprehension of sound, and love of great music, we hope to lift Creature Rock’s upcoming album above and beyond anything we’ve been able to produce from our world – creating something that opens up new territories of your hearts.

From England, we head to Italy for the Month of May, where the Creature studied dance in her youth. That will be a time of planning the next move, while eating well and visiting Roma, her homeland.

Updates from abroad coming soon. We’re very excited to be working on a new record!

Love you all, Michael Creature

P.S. The Creature recently reconnected with old friend and collaborator, Kevin Fowler, to record some new and old tunes in the Pink Elephant. They were the founding members of Otitis back in 1996, and would love to perform these great songs for all of you in the near future. Attached are a few pics from recent sessions in the studio.

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The Golden Ribbon

Mambo Elegua and Musette

Happy holidays to creatures everywhere! We are wrapping up the past three months and the last few weeks of a beautiful year with a golden ribbon, because it’s a present. “The Present” moment, the present of life, and the present freedom to self-express, my gratitude for each day.

Star children and musicians are here to syncretize different schools of thought, so that the human spirit can break out of insipid patterns and remove the veils that society places over the experience of existence.

There are so many systems and societies to learn and grow from. Exploring and expanding traditions are powerful tools for uniting our consciousness and growing as a whole.  This is an opportunity to aim to attain fresh perspective and internal harmony. Across the world, the year-end season is filled with rituals and celebration. We have the freedom of expression right now to openly celebrate each other, and to examine our relationships with prevailing forces, both internal and external.

One way I personally connect with the source consciousness is by writing music, the universal language of the soul. That discipline has moved me to write prayers that unite and declare my commitments to love, faith, growth, and many other topics. At this time, when people all over the world come together for festivities to celebrate the Christ and the Divine Being we innately yearn for as conscious creatures, the world resonates with appreciation and awareness.

Those who sing, pray twice.

Love in its ultimate form, is the desire to allow God’s Divine Life to be expressed through every thought and action, in each and every one of us. It is the consciousness that we all work towards, that all our moments should feel worthy of a golden ribbon.

For every year we share together on the planet, we move closer to the great consciousness that we will ultimately know. Consciousness alludes to the inevitable existence of a higher being. Rituals, ceremonies, and festivities, especially with music, are tools to communicate, connect, and have a relationship with God, our Creator.

I participated in this voodoo ceremony in New Orleans to heal the environment, after the BP oil spill.

A mandala ceremony I created for transition


All human beings want to realize their nature, and experience their connection with the higher source. Truth and creativity come from direct experience with the Divine Source, and emerge complete, and without effort. All cultures celebrate this higher source in their religious traditions.

Here are the words I like to pray – “Bless me with the power of the word, that my story will be good when heard. Bless me with the spirit to sing, bring meaning and harmony to my songs, my cosmic ring. Bless me with a virtuous mind, to be humble, fulfilled, honest, and kind. Bless me with the strength of spirit, to love, to see with Your eyes, and to be. For others as well, I ask this for me.”

In October, I had the great honor to help unite two souls in the presence of the Divine Grace (marriage). My two dear tribemates, Flower Plucking Rainbow and White Buffalo, united pigments and are now the Blacks. We wish them decades of clear communications, passion, and limitless joy!

“You have touched my spirit. Your eyes glow with life. I am glad you touched me, you are a part of me now.” – Native American Wedding Prayer

And most recently at Thanksgiving, Pilgrims and Indians came together, and the Creature Rock studio acquired three bantam, feather-footed silkie pullet chickens – Musette, Little Wing, and Pe’tune’ia. Food and love were abundant, and we were outwardly grateful for the health and prosperity we currently enjoy. Exciting change is just over the horizon, so today we store our grain and count our blessings. And when times are lean and the chickens do not lay, reflect upon the words of Job, “We have no problem taking the good days, why not accept the bad ones as well?”

Pray for our world, irreversible transitions are happening every day.  (I’d especially like to pray for the families that lost their children and family in Newtown, Connecticut. May they go with God.) Every voice counts! We are the mouth, the voice, the hands, and the heart of the Great Source. Everything is alive. The energy that we are is, in all directions, infinite.  Make a joyful noise, and may all your moments be wrapped in a golden ribbon.

Pilgrims and Indians break bread for unity

“Where we come from does not determine who we can become. What we look like places no limits on what we can achieve. We should all have the right to express ourselves, all have the right to be heard, all have the right to be what we can be: To reach for the sky and touch the stars. No matter who we are, no matter whether we are man or woman, or rich or poor: My voice, my right. My voice counts.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  Read the UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights here.

As always, thank you for your continued love and support (Susan Simpson;) Exciting Creature News coming up in the New Year! Stay “tuned”!


Wedding of our tribe members. Their union raises the energy of love on our planet.

Something to think about

Here is something to think about, particularly in this season of reflections…If we could shrink the earth’s population to a village of precisely 100 people, with all the existing human ratios remaining the same, it would look something like the following. There would be 57 Asians, 8 Africans, 21 Europeans, 14 from the Western Hemisphere, north & south, 52 would be female, 48 would be male. 70 would be non-white, 30 would be white. 70 would be non-Christian, 30 would be Christian, 89 would be heterosexual, 11 would be homosexual. 6 people would possess 59% of the entire world’s wealth and all 6 would be from the United States. 80 would live in substandard housing, 70 would be unable to read, 50 would suffer from malnutrition. 1 (yes, only 1) would have a college education, and 1 would own a computer.

When you consider our world from such a compressed perspective, the need for acceptance, understanding and education becomes glaringly apparent.The following is also something to ponder…If you woke up this morning with more health than illness — you are more blessed than the million who will not survive this week. If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of

torture, or the pangs of starvation — you are ahead of 500 million people in the world. If you can attend a church meeting without fear of harassment, arrest, torture, or death – you are more blessed than three billion people in the world. If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep — you are richer than 75% of this world. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish somewhere — you are among the top 8% of the world’s wealthy. If your parents are still alive and still married — you are very rare, even in the United States and Canada.

If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly thankful — you are blessed because the majority can, but most do not.  If you can hold someone’s hand, hug them, or even touch them on the shoulder — you are blessed because you can offer healing touch.

If you can read this message, you just received a double blessing, in that someone was thinking of you, and furthermore, you are more blessed than over two billion people in the world who cannot read at all.


This year’s Krewe DCM Halloween March in Austin, was held on the East Side, for our monstrous 2nd line brass band. We’ve put some pictures on Facebook here.

Go With God! Merci! A bientot!

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Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler!!

Hello everyone!

First of all, we raise our trunks in gratitude to our wonderful Creature Community with the greatest appreciation, for showing your support so generously, especially to our backers who made the Kickstarter a successful fundraising experiment! We exceeded our goal, and we now have 3 recording sessions on the books for the Pink Elephant Studio! That is what this is all about… making space for artists to make music!

The Creature Rock Tribe, aka the Order of the White Sun, have just returned from giving their heart and soul, music and masks to the sacred New Orleans tradition and ritual of Mardi Gras! There are few cultural events comparable to the energy in New Orleans, with brass bands and parades intersecting throughout the city and the fire of  life carried in the eyes of every person there. The beauty of the celebration lies in the core of this grand collective participation; everyone turns into a creator and the center of friendly and family interactions are based in the spiritual practice of costume making. Then The Party…the weeks long release of revelry before Lent!! We danced and we marched, we masked and we dispensed boxes of wine to the masses…  I have to say, the Detroit Party Marching Band was out of this world! And it was an honor to honk with none other than Austin’s own Minor Mishap!

Speaking of Detroit… I’d like to take a moment to honor Slaughterhouse/Fluff Grrl singer and friend of ours, Bob Madigan. We lost him this past Sunday, but will never forget him… He was the unforgettable type! He was the living embodiment of the insanity that music can be, and although his subject matter wasn’t for everyone, people should know about Bob and how far he pushed the boundaries. “He was more than a weird guy. He inspired weirdness in others and praised it.” He would have appreciated the gator skull and other relics we will have on our piano as an altar for him, to honor  his life, here at the Pink Elephant  Studio on March 10th. His memorial is being held in San Francisco at the Cyclecide Warehouse on March 11th. We love you Bob!

Things are getting exciting  in preparation for the opening! We can’t wait to see you all out here soon, and let loose your inspirations. You may want to start thinking about joyous occasion costumes now! You know how we creatures love to dress up! Feel free to be as big and as pink as you like. You’ll be partying with the elephants!

Be here March 10th from 7-10pm to celebrate music, muses and musicians!

Huge Love and Light,

Michael Creature aka Mama Eleguar from the Order of the White Sun still in Mardi Gras feathers

P.S. check out some more fun pics on Facebook.


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Is that Rock I Hear?

Hello All!

We are super excited about the Grand Opening of the Pink Elephant Studio! We have spent the past weekend testing out the rock room, and are happy to announce the successful recording of a full, 10-song album for one Tim Pitts! It’s a treasured collection of honest heart and pure soul.

So, the Kickstarter fundraising ends in 10 days! We are only $250 away from our modest goal of $600, to help inspire Austin at the start of SXSW.  If you can help in even the smallest way, it would be truly appreciated.

$10 is what you’d pay to get a drink at a bar, and $20 is a bottle of wine. Your contribution is worth so much more, to get featured drinks all night long, amazing art creations, delicious delectables, and a chance to bring your instrument and try out the soundproofing of our beautiful new studio! Come out and meet other creatives, and have a memorable evening.

If we don’t reach our goal by February 18, we won’t receive any of the funds pledged so far. Because of the pledges we have received, we already have one recording session scheduled. You can be sure we’ll never offer studio time again for this cheap (8 hours for $150!), so take advantage, and help make the celebration happen right!


Thanks to those of you who pledged! We love you.

Make sure to connect with us on Facebook and RSVP if you’re planning on attending.

Check out the studio construction time lapse video on Kickstarter!

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The Pink Elephant Studio – 2012

Happy New Year, Star Creatures!!! And sorry about the spam yesterday! WordPress was having a moment.

We hope you all had a trillion bubbles of delight in your glass to last you all of 2012! Each bubble filled with a dream  and the silvery effervescence of gratitude. Our ambitions and dreams for 2011 have definitely come true. We are overjoyed to announce that finally, the Pink Elephant Studio has been completed, and we hope you will join us this tremendous year, to celebrate the grand opening!

Now back from our well-filling travels, we are working on the most Grand opening we can think up. We’ve embraced a lot of energy and put in a lot of work to be able to present this resource to the creative community. So now is the time to help show your support! Donations are greatly appreciated at this time in order to make the opening reception a tremendous success. We’ve set up a kickstarter account where you can make your contributions to this long awaited event. Please go to KICKSTARTER to make a donation. This money helps us secure our catering and libations, a DJ, live music alongside Creature Rock, visual art, and permits to party!! It will be an extreme personality-filled event. That means you should be there!!! Every dollar of support helps us put this on, and we are excited to give you a tour of our magnificent new studio and connect with all you creatives out there. Great music is on the horizon and the studio is getting booked as we speak!

Excitingly enough, while traveling, exploring the volcanoes, hot springs, white water and glowing oceans of Costa Rica over the Christmas holiday, Michael Creature was asked to sit for an interview with Nina Guzmån Alfaro, of the Costa Rican newspaper, the Voice of Nosara!!! We are looking forward to receiving an English copy to share with you in a few weeks.

Nosara, on the Nicoya peninsula, is one of 5 “blue zones” in the world – a place where residents routinely live beyond 100 years of age. There are many yoga studios there, and we were able to attend class by following a magical walk though a jungle path that led to an expressive lesson of total body centering, themed on miracles.The people of Nosara were so warm and caring, and actually, truly happy. We were  very blessed to get a chance to meet with so many wonderful people, and experience the pure and concentrated magic cradled there. Michael is working on a new tune inspired by her experience in Nosara on a mystical Christmas eve, while bon-firing out on the Pacific beach at night with the locals, she witnessed a wave of phosphorescence crash onto the beach. As it sank into the sand, everyone ran along the beach and watched the sand light up like fireflies beneath them! If you stomped down very hard, you could see the agitated, glowing particles light up in a 3-foot radius. It was an incredible phenomenon, to throw the sand up in the air and see the phosphorous blow in the wind back to sea!

The ominous presence of smoke billowing from a massive volcano is breathtaking! Michael’s passionate about whitewater rafting! Rafting through the rainforest with painters, dancers, and musicians from around the globe was such an emotionally powerful trip, that tears flowed down the Creature’s face while hurdling the power of nature, in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Miracles, indeed! It takes a miracle for a dream like a recording studio to come into form; to have such immaculate travel opportunities, filled with musical attraction and opportunity. It also takes a miracle to have such good friends with whom to ring in the new year, out in the desolate beauty of Marfa, TX. We were able to watch the mysterious Marfa lights, appearing and disappearing, splitting into pieces and changing colors. The Creature Rock tribe danced in the new year so hard, it generated a year’s worth of miracles in advance… and will fill our time with great music, art, and good fortune. We hope everyone out there across the world could feel our rhythm…

So… The March 10 Grand Opening is not far off in the distance, but we can’t have you without the entertainment. So come on out January 20th,to see Michael Creature  on her saxophone once again rocking with the Krewe’s Dead Music Capital Band, this time at Honk Fest! It will be a brass band honk out at the Spider House on UT campus. There is nothing better than some warm brass on a cold January night…

We love you guys!

MAKE YOUR DONATIONS HERE! Thanks for your support in bringing the Pink Elephant to life! PURA VIDA! Also check out our time lapse youtube video of the multi-year construction process.  It looks really easy in fast-forward!

P.S., check out a wonderful place to stay in Nosara, the Enchanted Forest hostel and boxing center! Thanks, Brenda.

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Autumn Stories

Hello my freaky friends!!

Saturday’s performance on the Austin Variety Show was scary fun! The Dead Music Capitol Band is an undead Krewe composed of all guys and one saxy Creature. On behalf of the Krewe, I want to thank all the guys at AVS for top-notch treatment, and am planning to return with a Creature Rock show there in the future.

We’ve put some images from the show up on Facebook here, and you can see video of the performance here. The show will be aired Saturday, October 29 (VHF channel 51, or Time Warner channel 7) at 12 midnight.

The Dead Music Capitol Marching Band is doing one more show before Halloween at the Do512.com Shuck Fest at Abel’s on the Lake, Thursday October 27! 6PM until whenever. We go on around 7:30. RSVP here for free oysters and affordable libations, and an abundance of zombie brass.

Oh and have I mentioned synchronicity lately? About a month ago, Austin Powell from the Chronicle talked with me about my epic friendship with the late & great Jim Marshall. I gave him a picture of Jim shooting the Johnny Cash “Folsom Prison Bird”, and it got published in this week’s Chronicle. The article also mentioned another of my rock photography godfathers, Baron Wolman, who just happened to be in town to give a talk at the Texas Book Festival. Check out the article here!

Finally… COME JOIN THE CIRCUS, Monday October 31, Halloween night on 6th Street, with the KeweDCM! We are THE parade of Halloween night in Austin, ambling through the crowds, can’t miss us.  We begin marching at 9PM, and end up at Elysium on Red River. I’ll leave you with some words from the Krewe…

The Mysterious Appearance and Disappearance of the Circus of the 7 Dawns

It has been said that every few years, once Autumn arrives, when days are still warm but the wind blows cool at night…if you turn your face to that chill breeze, take a deep breath, and listen closely you might hear the distant sounds of a far off carnival.

The cries of long dead beasts from exotic lands, the fleeting smell of sawdust, the snap of canvas and rigging…they come on the late October wind and anyone both wise and wary knows the Circus of the 7 Dawns will soon roll into town.  When the new moon dawns seven days from the end of October, from 7 dusks thru 7 dawns, the spectre grows stronger.  On the eve of Hallowmas, the apparition is finally visible and anyone brave enough to attend is amazed by the sights and sounds of the only circus of its kind in the world.  From the the Brass Orchestras, the Human Marvels, the Animal Menageries, the Midway, the Museum of Oddities and Freakshow, the Illusionists, Travelers, and Fortune Tellers, the Coterie of Clowns–all are there to perform one last time, reminding us all to enjoy each of life’s wonders while we still can.  At sunrise, the Circus of the 7 Dawns always mysteriously disappears…leaving behind only the myth and mystery that brought them in with the Autumn wind.

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October Dawns

Control Room TrimBeings of Light, Beings of the Night, my Creature Tribe!!

We haven’t forgotten about you. And to make up for the time we’ve spent committed to building the art that is the Pink Elephant Studio, with architectural detail designed and crafted by our hands, (opening so soon!) making costumes, and writing brand new songs, we have a monstrous wicked event for you this Saturday, October 22!!

Being Filmed for Television Broadcasting, and a perfect opportunity to get your mysterious creature selves ready for Halloween…

Highland Mall- 6001 Airport blv.#2010, 78752
Inside the old Dillards, for a wild night from 8:30PM until midnight!

The Creature on saxophone, and a certain drummer you all love, are playing in The Dead Music Capital Band!

Doors at 8:30 for food and beverage, show starts at 9:30 and we go at 10pm.
The Dead Music Capital Band is the 2nd line brass band and skeleton drum line from the KreweDCM  (De Coeur Maudit).

There’s a costume contest, “That Effin Game Show”, burlesque, and a variety of other performances. We will be leading a midnight Zombie walk through Highland Mall to The House of Torment!!

And for those of you who don’t know the KreweDCM Halloween Parade and Marching Club it is on again this year! The 5th Anniversary and Michael Creature’s 3rd year marching down 6th street, hopefully with many of you, of course… on her stilts, as the Krewe becomes The Circus of the 7 Dawns!

With 2 clubs supporting us this year, Elysium and Red 7, I believe we even have a police escort, the Captain, the builders, the marchers and the band, are

bringing Austin the best parade yet!  MONDAY, HALLOWEEN NIGHT, 9pm we begin to march down to 6th street. You can’t miss us!

Halloween is the bloody birthday of our

favorite Creature Rock Drummer, James Ichabod; so be there to wish him the creature support he deserves, to salute our Krewe Captain, and to muse with marching Creature of the night!

If you are interested in joining check out www.KreweDCM.com

Until then, we will see you THIS SAT, 10-12pm with the Dead Music Capital Band and our horns from the grave! Bring your zombie smile, you’ll be on camera!

Creature in Brass

Studio updates coming soon!

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