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Hello my freaky friends!!

Saturday’s performance on the Austin Variety Show was scary fun! The Dead Music Capitol Band is an undead Krewe composed of all guys and one saxy Creature. On behalf of the Krewe, I want to thank all the guys at AVS for top-notch treatment, and am planning to return with a Creature Rock show there in the future.

We’ve put some images from the show up on Facebook here, and you can see video of the performance here. The show will be aired Saturday, October 29 (VHF channel 51, or Time Warner channel 7) at 12 midnight.

The Dead Music Capitol Marching Band is doing one more show before Halloween at the Shuck Fest at Abel’s on the Lake, Thursday October 27! 6PM until whenever. We go on around 7:30. RSVP here for free oysters and affordable libations, and an abundance of zombie brass.

Oh and have I mentioned synchronicity lately? About a month ago, Austin Powell from the Chronicle talked with me about my epic friendship with the late & great Jim Marshall. I gave him a picture of Jim shooting the Johnny Cash “Folsom Prison Bird”, and it got published in this week’s Chronicle. The article also mentioned another of my rock photography godfathers, Baron Wolman, who just happened to be in town to give a talk at the Texas Book Festival. Check out the article here!

Finally… COME JOIN THE CIRCUS, Monday October 31, Halloween night on 6th Street, with the KeweDCM! We are THE parade of Halloween night in Austin, ambling through the crowds, can’t miss us.  We begin marching at 9PM, and end up at Elysium on Red River. I’ll leave you with some words from the Krewe…

The Mysterious Appearance and Disappearance of the Circus of the 7 Dawns

It has been said that every few years, once Autumn arrives, when days are still warm but the wind blows cool at night…if you turn your face to that chill breeze, take a deep breath, and listen closely you might hear the distant sounds of a far off carnival.

The cries of long dead beasts from exotic lands, the fleeting smell of sawdust, the snap of canvas and rigging…they come on the late October wind and anyone both wise and wary knows the Circus of the 7 Dawns will soon roll into town.  When the new moon dawns seven days from the end of October, from 7 dusks thru 7 dawns, the spectre grows stronger.  On the eve of Hallowmas, the apparition is finally visible and anyone brave enough to attend is amazed by the sights and sounds of the only circus of its kind in the world.  From the the Brass Orchestras, the Human Marvels, the Animal Menageries, the Midway, the Museum of Oddities and Freakshow, the Illusionists, Travelers, and Fortune Tellers, the Coterie of Clowns–all are there to perform one last time, reminding us all to enjoy each of life’s wonders while we still can.  At sunrise, the Circus of the 7 Dawns always mysteriously disappears…leaving behind only the myth and mystery that brought them in with the Autumn wind.

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October Dawns

Control Room TrimBeings of Light, Beings of the Night, my Creature Tribe!!

We haven’t forgotten about you. And to make up for the time we’ve spent committed to building the art that is the Pink Elephant Studio, with architectural detail designed and crafted by our hands, (opening so soon!) making costumes, and writing brand new songs, we have a monstrous wicked event for you this Saturday, October 22!!

Being Filmed for Television Broadcasting, and a perfect opportunity to get your mysterious creature selves ready for Halloween…

Highland Mall- 6001 Airport blv.#2010, 78752
Inside the old Dillards, for a wild night from 8:30PM until midnight!

The Creature on saxophone, and a certain drummer you all love, are playing in The Dead Music Capital Band!

Doors at 8:30 for food and beverage, show starts at 9:30 and we go at 10pm.
The Dead Music Capital Band is the 2nd line brass band and skeleton drum line from the KreweDCM  (De Coeur Maudit).

There’s a costume contest, “That Effin Game Show”, burlesque, and a variety of other performances. We will be leading a midnight Zombie walk through Highland Mall to The House of Torment!!

And for those of you who don’t know the KreweDCM Halloween Parade and Marching Club it is on again this year! The 5th Anniversary and Michael Creature’s 3rd year marching down 6th street, hopefully with many of you, of course… on her stilts, as the Krewe becomes The Circus of the 7 Dawns!

With 2 clubs supporting us this year, Elysium and Red 7, I believe we even have a police escort, the Captain, the builders, the marchers and the band, are

bringing Austin the best parade yet!  MONDAY, HALLOWEEN NIGHT, 9pm we begin to march down to 6th street. You can’t miss us!

Halloween is the bloody birthday of our

favorite Creature Rock Drummer, James Ichabod; so be there to wish him the creature support he deserves, to salute our Krewe Captain, and to muse with marching Creature of the night!

If you are interested in joining check out

Until then, we will see you THIS SAT, 10-12pm with the Dead Music Capital Band and our horns from the grave! Bring your zombie smile, you’ll be on camera!

Creature in Brass

Studio updates coming soon!

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Creatures on Parade 2010

Halloween March in Austin!!

The Creatures are marching again this year with the infamous Krewe du Coeur Maudit drumline. We will be parading down 6th St. through a sea of ghouls and revelers!  We’re assembling  the line up at 7PM under the south side of the 1st St. bridge. If you’d like to participate and march, send us an email. The tall stilted Creature is looking forward to marching next to her drumming brother, James Ichabod, whose  Halloween Birthday we celebrate. Come march and wish your favorite drummer a deep dark birthday scream!

This past weekend was the spectacular Art Outside Festival, which was the glorious introduction of Roxy Rose, the pretty pink piano shell body of Michael’s stage keys, hand crafted by our close collaborator Thor Carlson of New Orleans. The beautiful Moon and Sun props made for our dancers by our favorite artist in the Creature Community, Nikos Pulos of Colorado. Thanks to all of you who came out to support Art Outside! And if you didn’t see the show, we have some pics up on the photos page and more on the facebook page for your dancing fantasy enjoyment. What a tremendous time we had rocking and listening to so many great bands out there who make this event amazing, and the art…….it’s best you can find in Texas!

The Creature ladies always march to the beat of James’ drum when we play “Star Child”, the rhythm of the stars, the cadence of our hearts. It brings a magical feeling of sacred spiritual travel into other realms for the Creature.  We saw you guys out there marching with us this past weekend! But this weekend, we march into the dead of night. The dark edge of mortality reveals us flesh, blood and bones!

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Creatures on Parade

Halloween CreaturesHello beautiful people!

The blackbirds are back in the pink sunset skies of Austin. They migrate here in the winter, carrying souls through the etheric journey of timeless energetic experience. This is a metaphor of life and death… embodied by emotional frequencies embedded in the recording of the Creature Sessions. The birds are a visual reminder to transcend our concept of limitation and treat our time as valuable – we should be cognizant of how, and with whom, we are spending our fleeting moments.

A musical experience is a unifying experience. We are rhythmic creatures, from the beat of our hearts to the fundamental patterns we live by. It is essential to give ourselves the opportunity to be in a place where rhythm and melody were created to exalt the feeling of freedom and passion in you. Climactic sonic messages to carry your vision higher and transcend limited perspective with the birds! You are valuable! You are valuable to us!

Come be with Creature Rock performing in the flesh

Extending to you from
Back Alley Social in Austin, TX

The journey begins this
Saturday, November 14th

standing wave credit - Collin Mel (flickr)Sound carries through all forms of matter and our physical and energetic bodies respond vibrationally to the oscillations, intensity, speed and frequencies through which sound waves are characterized. The word for today is cymatics – the study of visible sound and vibration and its effects on various mediums. Think of ripples in a water surface when deep thunder occurs. Our bodies are made of 70% water. Image in your mind what the soundtrack of your life literally looks like, in physical visible patterns. What sounds should you try to be avoiding or getting more of to activate your brain in a more articulate way?

Speaking of rhythm…

Halloween is the birthday of one James Ichabod Harwood, drummer extraordinaire. Creatures everywhere traditionally come together to celebrate this glorious event, and accordingly, we marched with the Krewe du Coeur Maudit through downtown Austin. Each year, James leads the cadence of the zombie drum corps. Michael with a birds eye view and homemade stilts entranced onlookers as the lone female stiltwalker among a 60,000-strong crowd of costumed revelers. Together they led a 40-foot long dragon down 6th Street, through a tunnel of camera flashes and amazed pink monkeys!

The Back Alley Social SHOW THIS SATURDAY NOV. 14 9:30 PM is right in the heart of downtown Austin!! Fifth St. near the capital building!

We’re playing with Fifth Nation and our performance is going to tear the very fabric of space and time. And you know how the creatures love their costumes! This show is also the triumphant return of dancing comet Emily Boykin. The Creature, the Comet, The Ichabod… OH MY! Oh My! Music that is!

Love you all!

Create a Masterpiece with your life! —–

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