October Dawns

Control Room TrimBeings of Light, Beings of the Night, my Creature Tribe!!

We haven’t forgotten about you. And to make up for the time we’ve spent committed to building the art that is the Pink Elephant Studio, with architectural detail designed and crafted by our hands, (opening so soon!) making costumes, and writing brand new songs, we have a monstrous wicked event for you this Saturday, October 22!!

Being Filmed for Television Broadcasting, and a perfect opportunity to get your mysterious creature selves ready for Halloween…

Highland Mall- 6001 Airport blv.#2010, 78752
Inside the old Dillards, for a wild night from 8:30PM until midnight!

The Creature on saxophone, and a certain drummer you all love, are playing in The Dead Music Capital Band!

Doors at 8:30 for food and beverage, show starts at 9:30 and we go at 10pm.
The Dead Music Capital Band is the 2nd line brass band and skeleton drum line from the KreweDCM  (De Coeur Maudit).

There’s a costume contest, “That Effin Game Show”, burlesque, and a variety of other performances. We will be leading a midnight Zombie walk through Highland Mall to The House of Torment!!

And for those of you who don’t know the KreweDCM Halloween Parade and Marching Club it is on again this year! The 5th Anniversary and Michael Creature’s 3rd year marching down 6th street, hopefully with many of you, of course… on her stilts, as the Krewe becomes The Circus of the 7 Dawns!

With 2 clubs supporting us this year, Elysium and Red 7, I believe we even have a police escort, the Captain, the builders, the marchers and the band, are

bringing Austin the best parade yet!  MONDAY, HALLOWEEN NIGHT, 9pm we begin to march down to 6th street. You can’t miss us!

Halloween is the bloody birthday of our

favorite Creature Rock Drummer, James Ichabod; so be there to wish him the creature support he deserves, to salute our Krewe Captain, and to muse with marching Creature of the night!

If you are interested in joining check out www.KreweDCM.com

Until then, we will see you THIS SAT, 10-12pm with the Dead Music Capital Band and our horns from the grave! Bring your zombie smile, you’ll be on camera!

Creature in Brass

Studio updates coming soon!

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Creature Culture

Big kisses from the Creature… who is not contagious any more! 2 months with pneumonia can really put a damper on the pipes. But time is never lost – when fishermen can’t go out to sea, they repair their nets. Or maybe they play piano for hours a day and practice existential meditation through the Om frequency. I’m just saying…

My continued study of headdresses led to an elaborate construction process, and made for a beautiful naming ceremony to honor the Blackfoot bloodline of my mate for his birthday. That ritual celebration in turn prepared me for my own birthday, a centered passing into my 30s. Yes, The Creature is 30 and fabulous!

Rituals play a large role in my artistic lifestyle and creature culture, to encourage unity, mark growth, and express creativity. Naturally, as a music therapist and musician, the concept of using audible frequencies for healing and personal expansion is a topic close to my heart.

So when I recently discovered the therapeutic use of tuning forks, it was a significant revelation! I believe that The Key is Sound!

Our triune essence (body, mind, spirit) responds to universal harmonic attunement.

Tuning forks vibrate at specific frequencies, which have many uses, from musical instrument tuning all the way to the diagnosis of nerve damage. In sonopuncture, these frequencies are delivered to the body’s meridians and chakras, calibrating the body to the cosmic reference. Tuning fork therapy is a system rooted in the great traditions of the east and the west, blending science, medicine, music, and mysticism from intellectual and intuitive cultures.

The healing and meditative facets of sonopuncture are delivered in a ritual form. Ritual practices bring a centeredness and significant awareness which, when shared with my tribe of artists, will hopefully resonate out sympathetically to others.

Rituals, tribes, and significance.

Authenticity, artists, and culture.

A little more about what it means to be a creature.

Native Americans change their names at critical epochs in their lives, marking the evolution of personal identity. It was very special to share a naming ceremony with my tribe, whom I call The Order of the White Sun. Each member’s headdress was adorned with a unique needlepointed medallion, containing a symbol in Euthinethany. The chosen names came from my months of study and meditation on connecting with animal totems. Try this beautiful meditation to identify your power animal.

Another ancient and modern-day ceremony is tattooing, which represents a transition or identifying concept. Often, these marks are also associated with spiritual rites of passage.

I have a good friend named Tanya (you may know her from our previous projects together), who came into my life, sharing ideas about art, dance, creativity, and dreams. She has been a huge inspiration, a creative and encouraging force in our creature rock tribe. There is a natural connection and providence in our relationship. This woman dreamt of costumes that I would later create and wear in performances. She is an extraordinary dancer who knows the power of sound and dance therapy, and knows how to honor her accomplishments and transitions, especially with the challenge of cerebral palsy. Being the extraordinary artist and individual that she is, Tanya marked a transition for herself and endeared herself into my inner circle, by being the first person in the world other than myself, to get a tattoo in my dream language of Euthinethany! I am honored!

This event says to me that we have a unique secret society, a one of a kind culture originating from Creature Rock. Together, we are a culture that values artistic identity, freedom, and authenticity. We value ritual (and tea ceremonies!), universal power and natural wisdom, the details of which are particular to our very special, growing group of friends.  We hope to share the value of this way of existing in the world.

Artists historically have been originators of culture. We strive to hold practices and artistic values in our hearts, as a celebration of our lives. We create traditions that draw from many cultures, yet stand so distinct.

Artists occupy a precarious, spiritual position in society –

We are the core of society, but live at the edge of it.

We are highly valued, but struggle to survive.

We walk the thorny path of honor.

If this resonates with you, hold tight to your tuning fork, sip consciously on your cup of tea, walk proudly in your headdress, sing and dance with all your might, and welcome to Creature Rock!

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Eccentrics in Society~ Mystery vs. Manquée

A predictable artist is a comfort to society. It portrays a static character, a “rock” for people in a dynamic world. But to make great art, one has to go to a place that is completely unpredictable….

A mate recently said to me, “It’s good to hear you’re out there,” after I reminded him to watch the meteor shower last week. I replied, “I’m out, in, below, around, above, and in between.” But it occurred to me that I may not be showing my face to the society of good people who, in some ways, expect my appearance either as a performer, or as a friendly creative of the many communities I frequent. Artists must be on the one hand,  manufacturers of consumer products and events while maintaining happy listeners; and on the other hand, remain a fearless explorer of aesthetics and spiritual relationships.  A challenging part of being an artist is learning where on that spectrum you are willing to be. Especially when the transformative season of the artistic heart is different then that of the holiday parties collectives are hoping you will attend. I do love a grand party filled with music, don’t get me wrong! But as a child of the world,there are so many kinds of communities, traditions and rhythms……to BE in one place doing one thing may look as if you are not being in another, at least while you are out there tying the mystery all up for them with your endeavors and your truths.

Recently, I have very literally been 850 feet below the Earth’s surface, caving in an environment not fit for humans, exploring the unpredictable. I’ve sang in a few different hot springs in this large state of Texas, under the stars… I saw for the first time, 2 shooting stars at once, explode in opposite directions, and a fireball split and burst into 3 pieces. I played piano out of the back of my transportive vehicular, and jammed on St. Martin, Joan of Art, with some inspired musicians on the banks of the Rio Grande, at the Mexican border, where we were applauded by an international audience of Mexican villagers, who lined up to listen on the other side of the river. It was a dream of a performance, where music was the language that brought people together. I had a humbling motorcycle ride, going 70mph through the Colorado Rockies.

The pressures of societies’ expectations melt away in that healthy vulnerability. Sometimes writing a newsletter / tweet / text / updating the world is the last thing on my mind when I’m push-starting my car in the desert sun, because I drained the battery plating Beethoven’s 7th in the wilderness! Or when I am studying a subject so intensely, that I must paint the picture, then write the story of that painting, just to see a character, so I can hear its perspective , so I can write it into a song that has a meaning filtered through the mediums and see the subject of interest in that unpredictable way.

Sometimes one just prefers the night sky over the computer screen; and the land of creative material is in the natural world in great abundance.  I have entered into my writing, painting, making season. (More on “Creative Seasons” coming up: Show Season TBA) But what a fun performing season it was! I will look forward to it again in the New Year.  Thanks to all of you who came out and marched with us, and the Krewe du Coeur Maudit. We’ve added some pics of the March and the Art Outside performance on creaturerock.com and facebook.

A quote that comes to me often, and speaks directly to my soul… especially at times when my eccentricities do not set me at ease, but conflict with society’s expectations, is “Be in the world, but not of it.” I take its meaning as, tuning into your own rhythms, knowing your inner season, and honoring it.

“To be or not to be…?” “Live and let live..”  Manquée is the subject that has me philosophizing.. it means: That which has missed being. That which might have been, but is not. I have a very special friend who lives in a completely empty, single room, and comes out once a month so people knows he is still around! “Good to hear you are out there..” sort of thing. He spends his time writing a book completely in his mind. It seems very coherent to me.  He says it’s coming along splendidly. His enthusiasm and utter joy for his life and his work, although there is literally nothing to show for his last 20 years, has me completely convinced that he is just one extreme artist and that whether or not anyone ever hears his book, it does exist and has changed lives. His and mine. So is it a book manquée? Is he a writer manquée? To society maybe, however that does not make him a nothing or a non-artist. Does it?

In the dictionary, examples of manquée are used to describe great artists that could have been but never achieved society’s acclaim. Marta Becket is another extreme example. She left society completely; the fame and bustle of the New York ballet scene, to dance isolated in an old opera house in Death Valley. There, she painted every inch of the old theatre with a historical audience. She danced three performances a week, whether or not a live audience attended. This made her happy, and she eventually was featured in National Geographic, prompting people from many cities to travel to see her paintings and watch her dance.

Who is one to say… that the mystery of a free artist is manquée?

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Creatures on Parade 2010

Halloween March in Austin!!

The Creatures are marching again this year with the infamous Krewe du Coeur Maudit drumline. We will be parading down 6th St. through a sea of ghouls and revelers!  We’re assembling  the line up at 7PM under the south side of the 1st St. bridge. If you’d like to participate and march, send us an email. The tall stilted Creature is looking forward to marching next to her drumming brother, James Ichabod, whose  Halloween Birthday we celebrate. Come march and wish your favorite drummer a deep dark birthday scream!

This past weekend was the spectacular Art Outside Festival, which was the glorious introduction of Roxy Rose, the pretty pink piano shell body of Michael’s stage keys, hand crafted by our close collaborator Thor Carlson of New Orleans. The beautiful Moon and Sun props made for our dancers by our favorite artist in the Creature Community, Nikos Pulos of Colorado. Thanks to all of you who came out to support Art Outside! And if you didn’t see the show, we have some pics up on the photos page and more on the facebook page for your dancing fantasy enjoyment. What a tremendous time we had rocking and listening to so many great bands out there who make this event amazing, and the art…….it’s best you can find in Texas!

The Creature ladies always march to the beat of James’ drum when we play “Star Child”, the rhythm of the stars, the cadence of our hearts. It brings a magical feeling of sacred spiritual travel into other realms for the Creature.  We saw you guys out there marching with us this past weekend! But this weekend, we march into the dead of night. The dark edge of mortality reveals us flesh, blood and bones!

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Creature Lifetimes


We’ve missed you! New friends, we welcome you!

What feels like lifetimes ago, I wrote about my theories on nonlinear time. It has been ages since I’ve updated you on my journeys and revelations. It’s good be home, to be building a home,and it’s good to be able to share these stories, my music, and lifetimes with all of you.

Creature Rock loves Peaches!

A lifetime can be recalled in one song, a transformation heard through one record… For me, the process of making and releasing The Creature Sessions coincides with the passage of one year of my life. And for those of you who haven’t heard, it’s out in the world for you now, to hear and touch and experience; to make your own memories and have a little lifetime with. Music has so many uses…We love hearing how you feel about the music we write, what you have done with it, and how it’s helped you. Visit our CR page on facebook and leave us your comments. We also feel privileged  when we get good reviews in the press. To hear the good word from The Austin Chronicle’s mouth this week, read the review here.

The experimental research of life and death, repurposed for this work, took me to the edges of my creative reserves. I’ve just returned to Austin from my well-filling lifetime in New Orleans. I spent about 6 weeks there, getting our record into the largest independent music store in the Southeastern US. We are so thankful to our new friends at Peaches Records, for putting us in the listening station and letting me drive my motorbike through the store to sign CDs and making promotion so fun! They also took good care of me while I was traveling alone.

As a side note, when I came home, the peach trees at the Pink Elephant Studio were laden with ripe peaches. I belly laughed so hard, it seems, God pays for our promotion. We took advantage and got in that tree, Comet dancer and I did some Creature Rock Loves Peaches (Records) promo photos.

Back in NOLA, I’ve been making costumes, learning the art of needlepoint, headdress and ceremonial decoration, not to mention exploring the cultural importance of these art forms. I attended an authentic voodoo ceremony, whose purpose was to heal the oil spill, and participated in challenging, concentrated physical and spiritual meditations.

Roxy Rose Piano Shell!
Lessons, stories, and practices

I will start posting on a new page, where you are free to comment, ask questions, share experience and insight with me other disciplined creatives!

…So, yes, the STUDIO is almost complete! We had a construction party this past weekend with the unequivocal sculptor, Thor Carlson. He taught us well in building the ramp and stair case to the main entrance. And.. this space cowboy, did indeed build my magical new piano shell for our upcoming performances!! I was finally able to give my Roland stage keyboard her proper creature name, now that she has a body. I present you, Roxy Rose, mind you without her paint job.  We’ve been photographing the studio’s progress from a stationary location, and are putting together a time lapse video of its construction, we will send out soon. (images to quench your curiosity) We still have months before we are rolling in there. So support us and go buy a copy of THE CREATURE SESSIONS. I do have a piece of advice for all of you, especially you ambitious creatures… DO NOT buy a house, build a studio from scratch, rebuild your band, and put out a record all in the same year!

By the grace of God, we are headed to shore. With great abundance, comes great responsibility – the kind that only practiced equanimity can get you through. This is why we have art. In a few months, live shows will commence again. We are happy to announce that we will be performing at ART OUTSIDE again this October! This is our second year, and I have to say this is my favorite independent festival in Austin. Everything about this experience is well thought out, the sound was great, the art is top flight, and we had so much fun last year! Jim Allen Day will be rocking on bass for us and my dancers are prepping up for you guys!   Ticket are on sale now.  But until then, enjoy the new album! Enjoy the new website, and stay in touch!

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The Senses

Michael Creature at Fox7 Austin

Greetings, exquisite beings of light!

Fine imagery.

A moment made tangible. A picture speaks a thousand words, and volume. We tend to orbit with accomplished, talented photographers of the performing arts.

Recently, Michael was randomly called to a unique performance opportunity at the Long Center in Austin – On March 13, she will be modeling for a lighting seminar / photoshoot held in Austin by Houston-based advertising photographer Robert Seale. The seminar is an all-day event targeted at professional photographers, entitled “Thriving in Uncertain Photographic Times,” and is being put on by photoshelter.com. Please take a minute to look at the event agenda, and see a sampling of Robert’s spectacular photography. Did we mention that it’s completely sold out?! Imagine Michael in a photo shoot in front of 150 photographers…

FOX 7 AustinIn case you missed the live TV performance on Fox 7 Austin’s “Good Day Austin” show, it’s been archived here. We apologize in advance for the sound quality!

Creatures on TV

As an advocate of the arts, one of Michael’s goals is universal design. This concept is to make art accessible to all people. More on this in future newsletters… In order to become proficient at universal design, it is necessary to heighten the senses to their fullest potential – sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, balance, temperature, pain, direction, time, proprioreception, intuition. I’ve written much music musing on the nature of light, and visual art on the stage is a major creative outlet for Creature Rock. The reason I love doing all sorts of creative work, is because it allows alternative access to expression to the senses, outside of music.

I’m very supportive of people learning how images are created, and how light works. In reality, humans can handle and achieve much more than our default senses. We must master the most accessible senses, and then others will be revealed – new dimensions with which to experience the universe. Already, many women would argue that they can sense phases of the moon. Twins regularly defy time and space, as if macroscopically quantum entangled. And many animals, and a few astute people, can sense a person’s character.

Create a Masterpiece with your life! —–

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One of a Kind

Beautiful Beings of expanding mind!

Creature Rock performances are always one of a kind! Just like the Creature, who is an uncommon find with her unique sense of style which appears to be alive! However, her choice of show themes are always universal. Although, you wouldn’t describe it as commercial… CREATURE ROCK is the daily special THIS THURS WATCH US ON TV!!

FOX 7 AustinFOX 7- Music in the Morning special on Good Day Austin! Thurs. Feb. 4th (7:30 am Central) Debuting with magnanimous and gifted violinist, Michelle Alany, the striking comet of a dancer, Miss Emily Boykin, and the Yin and Yang of Creature Rock… rhythm knight, James Ichabod and rock saint, Michael Creature. LIVE ON THE AIR talk and rock with news anchors Joe Bickett and Katherine Kisiel… (the alliterative Katherine Kisiel!)

Save this email and stream it here if you, like us, do not own a television.

Creature Rock melts the Flamingo CantinaCR melted the Flamingo Cantina last week with with their RED HOT INNER FIRE show and thoroughly burst into flames to Moonticca and the Texas Clock and Disciples of Sound with intensely high energy all night long! Thanks guys let’s do it again! We really painted the town red!

LAMBERTS- FEB 6th This Sat!! 10:30 pm CREATURE ROCK LIVE! Their One of a Kind performance is in honor of the Phoenix that arose from the heat of the red hot inner fire!

The universal theme of the night: Magic, Manifestation, and Rebirth!

Michael’s 3 favorite animals, self and band not included.. are the Pink Elephant, the Unicorn, and the Phoenix. One of her life goals is to make enough profits with CR to open a wild life preserve for protecting these endangered species. In light of this vision, these next two performances on Fox and at Lamberts are centered around bringing awareness to the world about these great, mystical and magical animals. There is much to be learned about the rare winged creatures who immerse themselves in fire and transform into their magnitude from a small ordinary bird to a Phoenix. A common misconception people have is that their feathers are red and yellow, resembling fire. On the contrary, the Phoenix rises out of the fire reborn of ash and spirit. Its spread is that of spring, greens, turquoise, and purple with a shiny gold aura! To come learn more about the Phoenix and Pink Elephants… please join us at Lamberts Sat. Feb. 6th in your most embellished greens!! Those supporting the awareness of the Unicorn who is purple and cream, sit in fields of green that the Phoenix brings!

Creatures welcome back from tour, Fifth Nation (going on at 11:30pm)! We are always grateful to be sharing the stage with these two! Come early to get your nook of the room and don’t forget to look fabulous so everyone knows you’re a part of the Phoenix Preserve!

Photojojo!PS. Speaking of capturing hidden magic… Michael’s been featured in the (Wall St. Journal acclaimed) photo projects book- PHOTOJOJO! Photographed by co-author Kelly Jensen, the Creature’s picture appears with tips on how to make a hidden spy camera and other cool arts and crafts that can be done with a photograph! This book is absolutely the type of project we support and are thrilled to have been involved in! Get a copy at most bookstores nation-wide or online. See if you can find the creature’s bum on her pink scooter.

Thanks to all of you who support and love us through our many transformations. Sponsor Pink Elephants, seriously we are looking for sponsors!

Create a Masterpiece with your life! —–

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2010 – Let There Be Light

2010 Candle Ceremony

Holiday’s Light was the First Creation – along with the emergence of light came the core revelations that all of humanity share. We know that light is the fastest thing in the universe, and therefore the fastest way to travel to your heart’s center.

In honor of the living light in us all that brings us together in spirit with our family, friends, and fans, we celebrated holiday light with a Creature Candle Ceremony. Michael has a personal tradition of lighting coloured candles to remind her of where she needs to be focusing. (that and she wears red knickers..) A physical affirmation and representation of energy she wishes to bring close to her heart…A yellow candle represents creativity, pink to travel towards love…. we lit white candles for spirit. Tiny beacons of light shone from our creature compound, out into the universe, honoring our sacred connections to the people we love. There was a candle in our circle for our fans!

In 2009, we transitioned from San Francisco to Austin, we recorded the Creature Sessions, won an award, played some great festivals, forged a lasting musical relationship, and bought a house. This year, we’ll release the album, tour the East Coast, construct the Pink Elephant Studio, and explore further the forms of artistic media that will carry our message to many, many people.

As the mixing is wrapping up, we’re finally metamorphosing from studio rats into performers again! Don’t forget that it’s you guys who make up our Creature Community! We have fun shows lined up and great musicians! We tell you to come see us, but we perform to see you!

Flamingo Cantina, Jan 21st A mostly female line-up of thunderous rockers including Moonticca and the Texas Clock. This is our first time rocking this venue. It’s always good to be at the first of anything! Show starts around 9:30pm.

If you can’t make it to the Flamingo Cantina, or you are more of a morning person, then stay in and watch us live on the telly!

Fox 7 AustinFeb 4 at 7:30AM , CR will be LIVE on TV!! Fox 7, on Good Day Austin!! ON-AIR interview and musical performance hosted by news anchors Joe Bickett and Katherine Kisiel. It will be on youtube afterwards, but you can stream it here. Creature Rock TV…..it really is meant to be!

Lambert’s, Feb 6 – One more opportunity to see Creature Rock live in Austin on West 2nd St. downtown…..We love this classy spot! Fifth Nation, is returning to Austin from an extended tour of the east coast and we are psyched to have them back!!! We’ve been burning candles for them regularly. They are our band of kindred spirit. This gig is going to melt some brains and it will be a show you don’t want to miss!

As always, we love you all, and love to get your feedback. Write us a message, check out all our other on-line presences and see what other fans are saying and doing to stay connected with Creature Rock.

One last special thanks to the MUSIC GATOR in South Carolina for making a special display of Creature Rock Creations in your store! We hope to see our Carolina fans there in the Spring!

Create a Masterpiece with your life! —–

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