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lacockbbcHello to all in the Creature Community!! Creature Rock is back after many months overseas, opening doors to other worlds. Albeit, we were unable to revive our only computer after drowning in buffalo mozzarella brine, constantly struggled to find the right adapter for each country’s electrical outlets, and shared lots of other laughable (at least now) travel chutes and ladders.  But the pilgrimages across the English countryside took the Creature beyond being on the left instead of the right,  learning how to take a water bus or opening train car doors manually, to more moving experiences like visiting the castle of her namesake, St. Michael’s Mount, down at Land’s End, traveling months on foot, with visits to surrounding villages from elfin home bases to absorb the local myths and legends, have truly inspired the album in progress!


We have spoken about travel at different lengths in other newsletters, as it is an essential part of our artistic process – it goes hand in hand with opening personal doors of understanding about the world, and even more about yourself. The stories of a people bring us closer to the archetypal foundations of human nature.  And when we circulate the global awareness of what is foundational to a culture through story telling, through myth and legend, we learn so much more about truth and reality.
Our current research is based on the integral theory, in which every one asks the question “Who am I?” How can we answer that question with only one perception, without knowledge of the archetypal information to which every human culture has contributed?
pipe_organLike the story of the blind men and the elephant, (I love stories with elephants) we can better understand reality when we share our experience…I touched an ear over here, and you touched a leg, and  someone touched a trunk over there. Therefore, we learn to truly see by sharing with each other. It is so important to get out into the villages, the ones on the very edges, and be with the people and get their stories. We met so many wonderful people who inspired us and the album in progress!!
Michael Creature’s “myths and legends” album, (being paired with a series of written stories) creates new myths and new archetypes. Stories create a container to reference our experiences, and in this day and age in society, the world is starving for a new set of myths – powerful messages and imagery that touch something fundamental and informational about the magical parts of ourselves. The part of ourselves that give us hope and purpose! In creating stories that will persist through the ages, Michael spends a lot of time studying the roots of the great myths and legends that have lasted over 17,000 years, and is now quite knowledgeable on the many Thunder and Lightning Gods cross-culturally.


One of her new songs “Thunder and Lightning” is now making its way to the ears of the UK and Central Europe. Creature Rock wants to thank Bear Ralph of Ludgvan, Cornwall, and the David White Show for having us ON-AIR LIVE on BBC RADIO CORNWALL. From visiting Strangeworld Studios in London, down to a visit to Peter Gabriel’s Realworld Studios, near Bath, to the very bottom of Land’s End. I’d say the UK leg of our journey was just wonderful.
Myth or reality… Michael Creature’s first time ever playing a Bösendorfer piano was Peter Gabriel’s personal Bösendorfer! True story, but legendary, my friends!! All our legends begin with real people and real extraordinary events! And there are so many stories to tell!
The Creature had a wonderful performance on pipe organ – yep – pipe organ, at The Cause in Chippenham, England!



Additionally, had a lot of fun singing with the Lingmara World  Music Choir, having cocktails with musicians and the creator of the Jasperian theatre at a 1000 year old pub that is mentioned in the Domesday Book, playing music at sea shanties along the Thames River, hearing new Creature Rock songs echoing through Venetian canals, learning to play Lawn Green Bowls with the English National Champions, listening to the Royal Band play on the front lawn of Windsor Castle, while the Queen was home, listening to the Italian Navy Marching band play for the yacht racing awards, getting star treatment from the Radio Bottega crew (Thanks Davide!) and hanging out in David Bowie’s place of origin in Brixton!


Brixton is on the south side of London, and they have a reputation for independent thinking. For instance, they have their own legal currency! It is called the Brixton Pound and believe it, no myth, David Bowie is on the 10£ Brixton! I could go on about what it means to have your own personal currency, metaphorically, but that is for another lesson in creature philosophy.


You know that Michael Creature loves her horse racing and has a new song all about it, so it was a tear jerker to watch the Grand National under London Bridge, next to the pigeon sandwich stand. Later the same day, we squeezed in a little music history, viewing handwritten manuscripts of Mozart and Beethoven, and even had a little fun visiting 221B Baker St., for you Sherlock Holmes fans.
And yes, we had to visit the three mythical sites of Stone Henge, Wood Henge (also not a myth) and Avebury.  Avebury has a particular spiritual impact, and we commemorated our visit by tying ribbons in the great tree that protects villagers who live within the sacred henge.
And how could we forget Tony Seeger and his unique and exquisite sounding harp guitars! Michael Creature on harp guitar and pipe organ!?! Legendary but still true! In fact, another reason we traveled for the album’s inspiration is to work with instruments indigenous to different areas. Expanding the sonic palette and and having the opportunity to perform with this instrument selection has been a treasure!


It’s interesting to trace the evolution of musical styles and instruments, based on the history of the place and the instruments that were widely accepted and available.
We were touched and excited to be taken on a private tour up into the bell tower of The Parish church of St.Paul, built in the 600’s, to learn the history of the church’s bells, and had the honor of sitting in on bellmen’s rehearsal, where we learned the number system of calls and all about the ropes and sallies! What a purifying experience… they were so generous to let us make some recordings and take a little video. Down below, we’ve attached a little clip of Michael Creature rounding the spiral stairs up to the bell tower.
In every culture, you can hear how the folk music of a place has influenced its contemporary popular music. Peter Gabriel is such a great example of embracing world music and folk instruments from around the globe, and infusing it with his original music of the present. A good example of the integral theory. In order to know where you are going, it is good to know where you have been!


Although we have been connecting with so many new worlds, we missed connecting with all of you. So thank you for being patient and keeping the support and love while we extend our creature community out to more of the world. I will leave you with this for now… Check some of your main archetypes at www.archetypes.com.
Who do you think we are??   We are the Creatures. Our mission is your mission. You help decide… Love and Light! ⑰

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