With the Grasshopper, We Leap


Creatures do not live their lives in fear, but in faith. As we grow up, we take on more and more responsibilities, and many of us shift from living in the present moment, to stabilizing our lives to provide a feeling of security. Sometimes to the detriment of our dreams. The goals of building our lives into something we find socially acceptable, separate us from our mission subtly. As this happens, we have to re-evaluate what the original sources of inspiration were to live in our bliss. Our reality can become split; and we think we can’t change our responsibilities, and we fear to leap, and that feeling of what we want to do, and what we have to do, seem as though it cannot coexist.

As an artist, this realization confronts me head on – building a studio, a home, a solid understanding of what I can actually accomplish… At some point it becomes a choice that we make- to accept our lives as a split, or to redirect our priorities back towards our purpose. We manifest our destinies with each step, each choice, and each leap.

In Proverbs it is written, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Vision fortifies our agreements with ourselves and guides us into service. “Purpose, then, is vision in action.” While needs change and visions evolve, a life informed by purpose supports creatures capable of growth and transformation. It is then no longer a question of can we do it, but how do we do it?

That journey is the gift of our life – a life you can be proud of, that you endeavor to achieve, beyond the fear of the challenges that reveal themselves as sufficient for growth, beyond survival, in a world that sees itself as limited, when in fact, we have the ingenuity to rearrange our resources.

And so, I meditate with the grasshopper, who moves to its own rhythm, grooves to its own special melody, and takes tremendous leaps of faith, where others fear to tread. The grasshopper uses thousands of tiny eyes to formulate the bigger picture. Perhaps, they intuitively use this special vision to see the world with a sense of adventure and groundedness, to fly and land with divine choreography.

The grasshopper reminds us that the inner voice, the songs in our hearts, can “bounce us into parallel worlds of awe and joy.” Helping us make forward motion in our lives, with great leaps of courage, helping purpose and true self-realization.

And so, now that we have built our foundation and established our base, we are taking a leap forward. Sitting atop a new body of music, we are going to the UK (starting in London) on April 1st, demo cuts in hand, to push the development of our sound and purpose, into the arms of British producers, where so many of our favorite artists have sculpted the records and musical atmospheres that have inspired the Creature throughout her life… from the Beatles to PJ Harvey, David Bowie, Queen, Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, and dearest to the Creature, Kate Bush.

We endeavor to open new doors, share our music on new shores, and intertwine our American way of hard work and DIY, with another culture that has demonstrated great capacity for realizing original music, whose rhapsodies require another perspective. Joining forces with the British and their comprehension of sound, and love of great music, we hope to lift Creature Rock’s upcoming album above and beyond anything we’ve been able to produce from our world – creating something that opens up new territories of your hearts.

From England, we head to Italy for the Month of May, where the Creature studied dance in her youth. That will be a time of planning the next move, while eating well and visiting Roma, her homeland.

Updates from abroad coming soon. We’re very excited to be working on a new record!

Love you all, Michael Creature

P.S. The Creature recently reconnected with old friend and collaborator, Kevin Fowler, to record some new and old tunes in the Pink Elephant. They were the founding members of Otitis back in 1996, and would love to perform these great songs for all of you in the near future. Attached are a few pics from recent sessions in the studio.

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