Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler!!


Hello everyone!

First of all, we raise our trunks in gratitude to our wonderful Creature Community with the greatest appreciation, for showing your support so generously, especially to our backers who made the Kickstarter a successful fundraising experiment! We exceeded our goal, and we now have 3 recording sessions on the books for the Pink Elephant Studio! That is what this is all about… making space for artists to make music!

The Creature Rock Tribe, aka the Order of the White Sun, have just returned from giving their heart and soul, music and masks to the sacred New Orleans tradition and ritual of Mardi Gras! There are few cultural events comparable to the energy in New Orleans, with brass bands and parades intersecting throughout the city and the fire of  life carried in the eyes of every person there. The beauty of the celebration lies in the core of this grand collective participation; everyone turns into a creator and the center of friendly and family interactions are based in the spiritual practice of costume making. Then The Party…the weeks long release of revelry before Lent!! We danced and we marched, we masked and we dispensed boxes of wine to the masses…  I have to say, the Detroit Party Marching Band was out of this world! And it was an honor to honk with none other than Austin’s own Minor Mishap!

Speaking of Detroit… I’d like to take a moment to honor Slaughterhouse/Fluff Grrl singer and friend of ours, Bob Madigan. We lost him this past Sunday, but will never forget him… He was the unforgettable type! He was the living embodiment of the insanity that music can be, and although his subject matter wasn’t for everyone, people should know about Bob and how far he pushed the boundaries. “He was more than a weird guy. He inspired weirdness in others and praised it.” He would have appreciated the gator skull and other relics we will have on our piano as an altar for him, to honor  his life, here at the Pink Elephant  Studio on March 10th. His memorial is being held in San Francisco at the Cyclecide Warehouse on March 11th. We love you Bob!

Things are getting exciting  in preparation for the opening! We can’t wait to see you all out here soon, and let loose your inspirations. You may want to start thinking about joyous occasion costumes now! You know how we creatures love to dress up! Feel free to be as big and as pink as you like. You’ll be partying with the elephants!

Be here March 10th from 7-10pm to celebrate music, muses and musicians!

Huge Love and Light,

Michael Creature aka Mama Eleguar from the Order of the White Sun still in Mardi Gras feathers

P.S. check out some more fun pics on Facebook.


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