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Happy New Year, Star Creatures!!! And sorry about the spam yesterday! WordPress was having a moment.

We hope you all had a trillion bubbles of delight in your glass to last you all of 2012! Each bubble filled with a dream  and the silvery effervescence of gratitude. Our ambitions and dreams for 2011 have definitely come true. We are overjoyed to announce that finally, the Pink Elephant Studio has been completed, and we hope you will join us this tremendous year, to celebrate the grand opening!

Now back from our well-filling travels, we are working on the most Grand opening we can think up. We’ve embraced a lot of energy and put in a lot of work to be able to present this resource to the creative community. So now is the time to help show your support! Donations are greatly appreciated at this time in order to make the opening reception a tremendous success. We’ve set up a kickstarter account where you can make your contributions to this long awaited event. Please go to KICKSTARTER to make a donation. This money helps us secure our catering and libations, a DJ, live music alongside Creature Rock, visual art, and permits to party!! It will be an extreme personality-filled event. That means you should be there!!! Every dollar of support helps us put this on, and we are excited to give you a tour of our magnificent new studio and connect with all you creatives out there. Great music is on the horizon and the studio is getting booked as we speak!

Excitingly enough, while traveling, exploring the volcanoes, hot springs, white water and glowing oceans of Costa Rica over the Christmas holiday, Michael Creature was asked to sit for an interview with Nina Guzmån Alfaro, of the Costa Rican newspaper, the Voice of Nosara!!! We are looking forward to receiving an English copy to share with you in a few weeks.

Nosara, on the Nicoya peninsula, is one of 5 “blue zones” in the world – a place where residents routinely live beyond 100 years of age. There are many yoga studios there, and we were able to attend class by following a magical walk though a jungle path that led to an expressive lesson of total body centering, themed on miracles.The people of Nosara were so warm and caring, and actually, truly happy. We were  very blessed to get a chance to meet with so many wonderful people, and experience the pure and concentrated magic cradled there. Michael is working on a new tune inspired by her experience in Nosara on a mystical Christmas eve, while bon-firing out on the Pacific beach at night with the locals, she witnessed a wave of phosphorescence crash onto the beach. As it sank into the sand, everyone ran along the beach and watched the sand light up like fireflies beneath them! If you stomped down very hard, you could see the agitated, glowing particles light up in a 3-foot radius. It was an incredible phenomenon, to throw the sand up in the air and see the phosphorous blow in the wind back to sea!

The ominous presence of smoke billowing from a massive volcano is breathtaking! Michael’s passionate about whitewater rafting! Rafting through the rainforest with painters, dancers, and musicians from around the globe was such an emotionally powerful trip, that tears flowed down the Creature’s face while hurdling the power of nature, in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Miracles, indeed! It takes a miracle for a dream like a recording studio to come into form; to have such immaculate travel opportunities, filled with musical attraction and opportunity. It also takes a miracle to have such good friends with whom to ring in the new year, out in the desolate beauty of Marfa, TX. We were able to watch the mysterious Marfa lights, appearing and disappearing, splitting into pieces and changing colors. The Creature Rock tribe danced in the new year so hard, it generated a year’s worth of miracles in advance… and will fill our time with great music, art, and good fortune. We hope everyone out there across the world could feel our rhythm…

So… The March 10 Grand Opening is not far off in the distance, but we can’t have you without the entertainment. So come on out January 20th,to see Michael Creature  on her saxophone once again rocking with the Krewe’s Dead Music Capital Band, this time at Honk Fest! It will be a brass band honk out at the Spider House on UT campus. There is nothing better than some warm brass on a cold January night…

We love you guys!

MAKE YOUR DONATIONS HERE! Thanks for your support in bringing the Pink Elephant to life! PURA VIDA! Also check out our time lapse youtube video of the multi-year construction process.  It looks really easy in fast-forward!

P.S., check out a wonderful place to stay in Nosara, the Enchanted Forest hostel and boxing center! Thanks, Brenda.

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  1. This is Awesome! Thank you so much.

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