October Dawns


Control Room TrimBeings of Light, Beings of the Night, my Creature Tribe!!

We haven’t forgotten about you. And to make up for the time we’ve spent committed to building the art that is the Pink Elephant Studio, with architectural detail designed and crafted by our hands, (opening so soon!) making costumes, and writing brand new songs, we have a monstrous wicked event for you this Saturday, October 22!!

Being Filmed for Television Broadcasting, and a perfect opportunity to get your mysterious creature selves ready for Halloween…

Highland Mall- 6001 Airport blv.#2010, 78752
Inside the old Dillards, for a wild night from 8:30PM until midnight!

The Creature on saxophone, and a certain drummer you all love, are playing in The Dead Music Capital Band!

Doors at 8:30 for food and beverage, show starts at 9:30 and we go at 10pm.
The Dead Music Capital Band is the 2nd line brass band and skeleton drum line from the KreweDCM  (De Coeur Maudit).

There’s a costume contest, “That Effin Game Show”, burlesque, and a variety of other performances. We will be leading a midnight Zombie walk through Highland Mall to The House of Torment!!

And for those of you who don’t know the KreweDCM Halloween Parade and Marching Club it is on again this year! The 5th Anniversary and Michael Creature’s 3rd year marching down 6th street, hopefully with many of you, of course… on her stilts, as the Krewe becomes The Circus of the 7 Dawns!

With 2 clubs supporting us this year, Elysium and Red 7, I believe we even have a police escort, the Captain, the builders, the marchers and the band, are

bringing Austin the best parade yet!  MONDAY, HALLOWEEN NIGHT, 9pm we begin to march down to 6th street. You can’t miss us!

Halloween is the bloody birthday of our

favorite Creature Rock Drummer, James Ichabod; so be there to wish him the creature support he deserves, to salute our Krewe Captain, and to muse with marching Creature of the night!

If you are interested in joining check out www.KreweDCM.com

Until then, we will see you THIS SAT, 10-12pm with the Dead Music Capital Band and our horns from the grave! Bring your zombie smile, you’ll be on camera!

Creature in Brass

Studio updates coming soon!

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