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Big kisses from the Creature… who is not contagious any more! 2 months with pneumonia can really put a damper on the pipes. But time is never lost – when fishermen can’t go out to sea, they repair their nets. Or maybe they play piano for hours a day and practice existential meditation through the Om frequency. I’m just saying…

My continued study of headdresses led to an elaborate construction process, and made for a beautiful naming ceremony to honor the Blackfoot bloodline of my mate for his birthday. That ritual celebration in turn prepared me for my own birthday, a centered passing into my 30s. Yes, The Creature is 30 and fabulous!

Rituals play a large role in my artistic lifestyle and creature culture, to encourage unity, mark growth, and express creativity. Naturally, as a music therapist and musician, the concept of using audible frequencies for healing and personal expansion is a topic close to my heart.

So when I recently discovered the therapeutic use of tuning forks, it was a significant revelation! I believe that The Key is Sound!

Our triune essence (body, mind, spirit) responds to universal harmonic attunement.

Tuning forks vibrate at specific frequencies, which have many uses, from musical instrument tuning all the way to the diagnosis of nerve damage. In sonopuncture, these frequencies are delivered to the body’s meridians and chakras, calibrating the body to the cosmic reference. Tuning fork therapy is a system rooted in the great traditions of the east and the west, blending science, medicine, music, and mysticism from intellectual and intuitive cultures.

The healing and meditative facets of sonopuncture are delivered in a ritual form. Ritual practices bring a centeredness and significant awareness which, when shared with my tribe of artists, will hopefully resonate out sympathetically to others.

Rituals, tribes, and significance.

Authenticity, artists, and culture.

A little more about what it means to be a creature.

Native Americans change their names at critical epochs in their lives, marking the evolution of personal identity. It was very special to share a naming ceremony with my tribe, whom I call The Order of the White Sun. Each member’s headdress was adorned with a unique needlepointed medallion, containing a symbol in Euthinethany. The chosen names came from my months of study and meditation on connecting with animal totems. Try this beautiful meditation to identify your power animal.

Another ancient and modern-day ceremony is tattooing, which represents a transition or identifying concept. Often, these marks are also associated with spiritual rites of passage.

I have a good friend named Tanya (you may know her from our previous projects together), who came into my life, sharing ideas about art, dance, creativity, and dreams. She has been a huge inspiration, a creative and encouraging force in our creature rock tribe. There is a natural connection and providence in our relationship. This woman dreamt of costumes that I would later create and wear in performances. She is an extraordinary dancer who knows the power of sound and dance therapy, and knows how to honor her accomplishments and transitions, especially with the challenge of cerebral palsy. Being the extraordinary artist and individual that she is, Tanya marked a transition for herself and endeared herself into my inner circle, by being the first person in the world other than myself, to get a tattoo in my dream language of Euthinethany! I am honored!

This event says to me that we have a unique secret society, a one of a kind culture originating from Creature Rock. Together, we are a culture that values artistic identity, freedom, and authenticity. We value ritual (and tea ceremonies!), universal power and natural wisdom, the details of which are particular to our very special, growing group of friends.  We hope to share the value of this way of existing in the world.

Artists historically have been originators of culture. We strive to hold practices and artistic values in our hearts, as a celebration of our lives. We create traditions that draw from many cultures, yet stand so distinct.

Artists occupy a precarious, spiritual position in society –

We are the core of society, but live at the edge of it.

We are highly valued, but struggle to survive.

We walk the thorny path of honor.

If this resonates with you, hold tight to your tuning fork, sip consciously on your cup of tea, walk proudly in your headdress, sing and dance with all your might, and welcome to Creature Rock!

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