Creatures on Parade 2010


Halloween March in Austin!!

The Creatures are marching again this year with the infamous Krewe du Coeur Maudit drumline. We will be parading down 6th St. through a sea of ghouls and revelers!  We’re assembling  the line up at 7PM under the south side of the 1st St. bridge. If you’d like to participate and march, send us an email. The tall stilted Creature is looking forward to marching next to her drumming brother, James Ichabod, whose  Halloween Birthday we celebrate. Come march and wish your favorite drummer a deep dark birthday scream!

This past weekend was the spectacular Art Outside Festival, which was the glorious introduction of Roxy Rose, the pretty pink piano shell body of Michael’s stage keys, hand crafted by our close collaborator Thor Carlson of New Orleans. The beautiful Moon and Sun props made for our dancers by our favorite artist in the Creature Community, Nikos Pulos of Colorado. Thanks to all of you who came out to support Art Outside! And if you didn’t see the show, we have some pics up on the photos page and more on the facebook page for your dancing fantasy enjoyment. What a tremendous time we had rocking and listening to so many great bands out there who make this event amazing, and the art…….it’s best you can find in Texas!

The Creature ladies always march to the beat of James’ drum when we play “Star Child”, the rhythm of the stars, the cadence of our hearts. It brings a magical feeling of sacred spiritual travel into other realms for the Creature.  We saw you guys out there marching with us this past weekend! But this weekend, we march into the dead of night. The dark edge of mortality reveals us flesh, blood and bones!

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