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We’ve missed you! New friends, we welcome you!

What feels like lifetimes ago, I wrote about my theories on nonlinear time. It has been ages since I’ve updated you on my journeys and revelations. It’s good be home, to be building a home,and it’s good to be able to share these stories, my music, and lifetimes with all of you.

Creature Rock loves Peaches!

A lifetime can be recalled in one song, a transformation heard through one record… For me, the process of making and releasing The Creature Sessions coincides with the passage of one year of my life. And for those of you who haven’t heard, it’s out in the world for you now, to hear and touch and experience; to make your own memories and have a little lifetime with. Music has so many uses…We love hearing how you feel about the music we write, what you have done with it, and how it’s helped you. Visit our CR page on facebook and leave us your comments. We also feel privileged  when we get good reviews in the press. To hear the good word from The Austin Chronicle’s mouth this week, read the review here.

The experimental research of life and death, repurposed for this work, took me to the edges of my creative reserves. I’ve just returned to Austin from my well-filling lifetime in New Orleans. I spent about 6 weeks there, getting our record into the largest independent music store in the Southeastern US. We are so thankful to our new friends at Peaches Records, for putting us in the listening station and letting me drive my motorbike through the store to sign CDs and making promotion so fun! They also took good care of me while I was traveling alone.

As a side note, when I came home, the peach trees at the Pink Elephant Studio were laden with ripe peaches. I belly laughed so hard, it seems, God pays for our promotion. We took advantage and got in that tree, Comet dancer and I did some Creature Rock Loves Peaches (Records) promo photos.

Back in NOLA, I’ve been making costumes, learning the art of needlepoint, headdress and ceremonial decoration, not to mention exploring the cultural importance of these art forms. I attended an authentic voodoo ceremony, whose purpose was to heal the oil spill, and participated in challenging, concentrated physical and spiritual meditations.

Roxy Rose Piano Shell!
Lessons, stories, and practices

I will start posting on a new page, where you are free to comment, ask questions, share experience and insight with me other disciplined creatives!

…So, yes, the STUDIO is almost complete! We had a construction party this past weekend with the unequivocal sculptor, Thor Carlson. He taught us well in building the ramp and stair case to the main entrance. And.. this space cowboy, did indeed build my magical new piano shell for our upcoming performances!! I was finally able to give my Roland stage keyboard her proper creature name, now that she has a body. I present you, Roxy Rose, mind you without her paint job.  We’ve been photographing the studio’s progress from a stationary location, and are putting together a time lapse video of its construction, we will send out soon. (images to quench your curiosity) We still have months before we are rolling in there. So support us and go buy a copy of THE CREATURE SESSIONS. I do have a piece of advice for all of you, especially you ambitious creatures… DO NOT buy a house, build a studio from scratch, rebuild your band, and put out a record all in the same year!

By the grace of God, we are headed to shore. With great abundance, comes great responsibility – the kind that only practiced equanimity can get you through. This is why we have art. In a few months, live shows will commence again. We are happy to announce that we will be performing at ART OUTSIDE again this October! This is our second year, and I have to say this is my favorite independent festival in Austin. Everything about this experience is well thought out, the sound was great, the art is top flight, and we had so much fun last year! Jim Allen Day will be rocking on bass for us and my dancers are prepping up for you guys!   Ticket are on sale now.  But until then, enjoy the new album! Enjoy the new website, and stay in touch!

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