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First of all, RIP Michael Jackson – a misunderstood, talented creature if ever there was one. He has made huge contributions to our musical plane. An unrepeatable entity indeed. We love and miss you, Michael! Please note that Glenn Danzig is still alive! And we love you too, Danzig.

Now on to the process – a frequent topic in the creature quarters, and a central one to the art of creativity. Process as a virtue is sometimes overlooked in the appreciation of art – the “finished product” is assigned a value, commoditized, and revered. But process is the very essence of art, and one could rightly consider works of art just the debris of process, the shadow of the mystical. Entire lifetimes are conceived and terminated during the manifestation of a creative project, and we thought you might enjoy a small insight into what life is like inside the Pink Elephant Studio.

Creature Rock has published a playful music montage to youtube, with some aural previews of the upcoming Creature Sessions album! Check it out and let us know what you think, we had a blast making it. Be sure to subscribe to the creaturerock channel while you’re there! We are planning some larger scale projects of this sort since the experience was so rewarding…

spotted in the wild!Also, at long, long last, a fellow creature rocker has given birth to both myspace and facebook pages! The pages were created and are maintained by one of our lovely fans! Due to the generous, unsolicited contribution, Creature Rock has invited Battah, to be the lady president of the Creature Rock Fan Club. How blessed we are to have such a fan, working to expand the consciousness of creativity with us. Please go check out the sites she’s made and get linked up to the cool stuff she is now privy to!

Create a Masterpiece with your life! —–

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