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KOOP 91.7 Austin, TXCreature Rock Week!!!!

TOMORROW, May 25th, tune in to KOOP 91.7FM, at 11am Central Time, to hear Michael Scott Parker do an in-studio interview and performance on “What’s a girl to do?”, a free-form Women’s Music radio show in Austin, hosted by Lisa Schneider. Getting you ready for the hottest week of women in the arts, at the M.A.L.I. Women’s Film and Performance Arts Festival! You can listen online to a LIVE STREAM!

The Creature Community CanvasMichael and crew hosted an informal get-together at the South Congress St. bat bridge, where roughly 1 million mexican freetail bats dwell. At dusk each day, they emerge from underneath the bridge, and pour out into the Austin sky, doing the community the invaluable job of lowering the mosquito population. They consumed and we created!

Michael performed a enticing acoustic set with upright bassist Scott Yates at sunset while locals contributed to the Creature Community Canvas and enjoyed Michael’s home baked brownies. Dottii and her apprentice seamstresses from Sudan and the Congo, shared creature creations and passed out free CDs to an appreciative audience! Come see Creature Rock on Friday,May 29th at the Green Muse for a rocking 10am brunch and make your addition to her canvas. It will be there!

Michael Scott Parker with bassist Scott YatesCreative Creature recently has made a connection with bassist Scott Yates, and is so pleased to have have him in her talent bank! And talented, he is! Scott will be gracing the stage with Michael and her time keeper, James, at the Long Center Performance on Saturday, May 30th, for the M.A.L.I Festival!! Don’t miss this show!

And don’t forget Thursday, May 28th, opening night of the M.A.L.I. Festival, at the Austin International Youth Hostel. Michael has her two wonderful dancers, who have done a phenomenal interpretation of Michael’s music into movement. Emily Boykin, our stellar body and woman of vision, dances all three unique shows next week! But the Thursday show is a special treat, with Jessica Gaby, the dancer of synchronous and curious coincidence, accompanying Emily, dancing their co-choreographed elixir to Michael’s 9 and a half minute Rhapsody, “Live to Sing”. Beautifully Brilliant!

It’s been a blessed and wonderful month of connection and creation! Hope to see you all, out at the shows of our joyful labors. May you execute your labors this day from the just place of your holy spirit.

Create a Masterpiece with your life! —–

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