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"Temple" by Matthew Paul Corley

The Universe is the Great Artist of Natural Abundance. A Self Sustaining consciousness that, in its smallest physical particle, cannot be destroyed. It uses what it already has to constantly create what has never before existed. As artists, our mission is to promote sustainability through creativity. We are creators, not consumers! And artists love other artists! Creature Rock is experiencing a natural state of abundance, giving us so much to share! What blessings, another great album review, inclusion in an art magazine, a creature community building collaboration, events and shows galore!

MALI Women's Film & Performance FestivalAs promised, we have information about the 9th annual MALI Women’s Film and Performance Art Festival show dates – And the shows are selling out fast! Come see the best female rockers all sharing the same stages… Patrice Pike, One Eyed Doll, DJ P.O.W. to name a few… spoken word artists, 87 Dance Production, and a fantastic line up of independent films! Michael Creature is booked for 3 consecutive days at 3 different venues, doing 3 unique performances:

Thursday, May 28, 7-10PM at the Austin International Youth Hostel (map)

Friday, May 29, 10AM-2PM at the Green Muse (map)

Saturday, May 30, 7PM-11PM at the illustrious Long Center (map)

Tickets can be purchased here! Remember this event is a benefit! The Media Arts and Literacy Institute is raising money for the at-risk teen girls camp. Great news! The Greater Austin Garbage Arts (GAGA) is sponsoring Creature Rock, in hosting events to promote our common goals in this year’s festival theme, sustainability!

Greater Austin Garbage ArtsMichael is learning so much from joining forces with GAGA! They are a co-op comprised of a group of artists and visionaries concerned with the effects and impact of waste materials on our environment. Teaching our community how to repurpose, live/work creatively and resourcefully. The GAGA Gallery represents about thirty artists, whose works use at least 50%-100% reclaimed materials!

MALI Festival tickets will also be available on hand at GAGA sponsored Creature Collaborations to come! Some of the events you can look forward to:

  • Creature Community Costume Creations- come make your inner creature costumes to wear to our show! Reuse your old fabric, and help Michael Creature build her stage prop finale!
  • Double Birthday Celebration Donations- May is Michael Creature’s birthday! And on April 24th GAGA is having their 1st anniversary!
  • Creature Tower Cake Bake
  • Educate, Create, Cooperate, and Make! So much fun to come!

And right now there is a red “Creature Creations Collection” box, out front GAGA, located at 2214 South 1st St., across the street from End of an Ear Music, where you can drop off your art supply donations. When you have stuff to get rid of, you feel how naturally abundant you are… Please help out. We are looking for fantasy fabrics, clothes, old sewing supplies, arts/crafts, paint, adhesives, sequins, glitter, feathers, and any other unusual items! The color scheme is black/pink and gold/silver. But drop it all off! Straws, bottle caps, tin foil, plastic containers…and Dottii, the fairy-godmother of recycling will show the kids how to party sustainably.

Sustain your heart through sustaining your art. Expression opens the deeper self. Michael has been profiled in Temple, a concept magazine of Denver-based fine artist Matthew Paul Corley. In a series of interviews he showcases artists he feels are truly living the creative lifestyle. You can buy it online or download it for free, Get a hard copy, it’s easier to share. To read Michael’s interview click here.

Last but not least, check out the lovely new review for Naked at! “This is female rock at a high. Sultry, deep, fast and furious, Michael (yes she’s a girl) Scott Parker, really steams it up on her 2007 release, Naked.”
Read the whole review here.

Create a Masterpiece with your life! —–

Come out and support!

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