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James and Michael Creature rock Jovita's in South AustinGreetings fellow creatures,

It’s turning into a habit of love – Creature Rock will be performing again at Jovita’s on South 1st. in South Austin, on Tuesday, Jan 6 at 6:30PM! Come witness the cutting edge of art rock research performed live, while you sip a margarita.

lf you are not aware, 2009 has been declared (by Michael) to be the “Year of the Creature”… A year where imagination defies the constraints of time. Modern humans can reasonably expect 80 or so years, total, to explore what we think to be a short linear line in existence.

General relativity says, when traveling very close to the speed of light – you experience a distortion in time. Your experience of time stays the same yet you see a fast forwarded version of the rest of the universe. A second situation is more interesting, and involves the mysterious gravitational force: the closer you are to mass, the slower time moves. One could imagine living on the Earth, road tripping in outer space, having numerous experiences, and then returning, with only minutes having elapsed on Earth. It’s a little more complicated than that, but bear with us.

Michael wishes all creatures a happy 2009!The creative process is like gravitational time dilation ~ a moment is stretched out…. to fully experience and explore it, you must involve your inner creature and forget the idea of time. You return with new insight and vision and it makes sense to write it into your 150 year homework. I do hope you are working on your 150 year life plan, but now you have the understanding that time is not linear! At least that’s Michael’s philosophy. If you’ve ever experienced slipping into the gap, you know that time dilation is real and within human control!

Michael has been recently exploring the relationship between art and science, and has committed to studying her peers in the the papers of Leonardo Music Journal. One of her New Year’s resolutions is to become involved with the musicians who write and create in this research and to one day be published in the MIT academic journals herself. God knows she’s written enough articles!! The Leonardo Music Journal documents other explorers’ paths through the creative process, and is bedside reading for creatures everywhere….. Did you know that David Byrne is published?

PS – See you on Tuesday! This is the last show before Michael leaves for New Orleans.


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