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Hello Beautiful People!Michael creating in Austin

The recording studio in Austin is beyond the previous expectations of Oh My! Music. Michael and the Pink Elephant muses are soaring through the the skies of the Creature Sessions, revealing an album deep in her soul’s consciousness. Who said elephants can’t fly?

The song entitled “Blackbird” is predominantly Michael’s passionate piano and spirited vocals. She stated that the entire wave form of the audio at the printing desk looks just like birds flying! “I’ll sing a harmony and it resembles another blackbird with its wing span protracted. I know then, that I have sung it correctly.”

The Pink Elephant studio is anticipating the arrival of Michael’s San Francisco bassist and great friend, Mike McKevitt, flying in to record in the coming weekend! Yay!

Michael in AustinMichael Creature will performing some new tunes from the Creature Sessions at Jovita’s in Austin, on October 28th, at 6:30pm. She will be introducing herself to the locals that day. Come out and meet her!

As she has been meeting her new neighbors in the Music Capital, people keep asking her, “Where are YOU FROM?!” Some of you fans say she is from Andromeda (albeit her star language). Michael’s wikipedia entry says she was raised around the globe. (yeah she’s in the encyclopedia these days) The rockin’ review from West Coast Performer Magazine says she’s “seemingly risen from the sea!”

But Michael will tell you…..”I’m from the future. We manifest things instantaneously there and we do a lot of dancing. It’s an amazing place.”

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And Check out opportunities to work with Michael Creature at Oh My! Music.

If you have expertise in your art form and want to contribute talents to the making of Creature Sessions or inquire about other projects, send her your info at michael@creaturerock.com

Many blessings from the sky!

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