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Michael Scott Parker, alive and well!

Hello beautiful people!

Hello San Francisco! And friends and fans everywhere.

Back to the city-home-studio, at least for a minute, where new energy is put into motion, and old energy is channeled back in! Michael Creature made it back from her solo tour through the Southwest! She embraced the art of recording in her car, rocked electrified on the lip of the Grand Canyon, and composed, most spiritually fulfilled, in the Petrified Forest.

Michael rocks the wildernessHer travels were funded by shows played from California to Colorado,
in RV parks, music venues, restaurants, private residences, and B&Bs. Thanks to everyone who bought the album, who welcomed live music into
their audio space, especially in places where the Internet has yet to arrive.

Huge love to the Laughing Horse Inn in Taos, NM, where Michael made the stage for 8 nights consecutively, entertaining and performing. Her tour was really infused with cosmic life there, but truly, it was due to the amazing musicians and artists that she communed with.. Special thanks to Ramsey, Grey, Julia, Toni, Erin, Patton, and Donald for bringing so much love, laughter, and wisdom to the music and “to my soul”.

So Michael wasn’t sleeping in her car the whole time (wink wink). Everyone knows no tour is complete without an impromptu freshening up from many long nights on the road, alone and alive, yet a bit weathered, at a legendary-rock-photographer’s creative and comforting homestead, of course! Thanks Baron! we’ve got the connection!

And out in Colorado, Michael played a full house at one of her favorite spots – Front Range – and reconnected with her co-producer Johnny, who escorted her on to Utah. They have scheduled a week of recording back in the studio in coming months, to work on the upcoming Creature Sessions.

Michael in the Grand CanyonWe do want to tell you all about the new album, and the new people contributing, and how Michael has been doing nothing but playing her piano since her return. How no one has really even seen her face , but can her hear intricate finger picking through the alleys of San Francisco. But we can’t tell you yet, because she hasn’t emerged from her musical bubble. Stay tuned and in tune.

Michael’s experiences watching the sunsets in the Southwest, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah have definitely shaped the feel of her new album. But really she was just honored to play with and for so many great people who made her feel as though she was needed and her purpose was recognized. Thanks to all the great bands she had the joy of playing with. Gemma, Stephan, and Numani, your gypsy music still makes me dance and live. Thanks to Grass it Up for loaning me their Martin and sharing the stage.

We should take a moment to remind everyone that Naked is available for sale on iTunes now, search for “oh my naked” and then buy a copy!

RIP Huaningu - 2/3/2001 - 5/14/2008Also, hook up a good friend and let them know about how to sign up for Michael’s Creature News. Just enter their e-mail address at the top right of the front page of We love meeting more music lovers!

Let’s all take a moment of silence for a long-time companion of Michael’s her loving canine protector shar-pei/lab mix Huaningu, who has
passed on after 7 years of unconditional love. Huaningu accompanied Michael from the east coast to the west, and is sorely missed.


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