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Blake More - GodmeatI would like to introduce you to a muse of mine! Image an embodiment of maverick tenacity, illustrious beauty of presence, a woman of multi-faceted talents and flavors, a poet of penetrating truth…., thank you, you are very kind, but I am speaking of Blake More. Yes, more, give us more…….. Her new book, entitled, godmeat is a collection of prose, poetry, colour artwork, and contains a DVD of imagery, voice, and “sushimi.” This book sits beside me as i write music and refuels my imagination. Blake’s writing urges me into worlds as I drink throat coat in the mornings. Please give yourself a moment to take her into your cells and check out her living work. www.snakelyone.com and www.godmeat.com

Love this and Tune in!!!! BLAKE THE SNAKE and MICHAEL CREATURE on Mendocino County Community Radio. This Monday, Feb. 11th, from 7-8 California time, Blake is being interviewed on the show “Women’s Voices” and will be playing selections from Michael’s delicious new album, “Naked”. Click the web-site and listen live at http://www.kzyx.org/

Michael girl and Mike McKevitt on the busMake the Show! Michael will be playing again at the Bay View Boat Club on the Third Thursday, Feb.21st! This is a fun place on the water, with amazing, veteran players all night long. Oh My! is Michael(the girl) Scott Parker and Michael (the man) McKevitt , bassist extraordinaire. Hope to see you there!

We have some new additions to the website. Check the photos page to see works by Rock photographers, Michael Zagaris, the infamous Jim Marshall, and some Oh My! shots of Michael creature and crew. A new bio is up, and we are doing some ongoing redesigns to accommodate to many of our new friends and fans, so check back frequently.

And last but vital, especially for us musicians, I have recently become involved in a project for musicians in San Francisco County, called MAP. (The Musician’s Acupunture Project). It is the brainchild of licensed acupuncturist Amy Hanks, and the treatments are addressing and relieving stresses induced by extended performances. Interesting fact: Chinese medicine and acupuncture can address pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, repetitive strain injuries, respiratory issues, eye, ear, throat, emotions, addiction control, and many other symptoms overlooked by western medicine. I am truly healing from sessions with Amy, and would recommend her to anyone. For more information, go to www.sfbaymap.org. You must be a musician to participate, and it is very affordable! Ms. Hanks also does private sessions for non-musicians (www.acupunctureartistry.com).

HUGE LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!!!! —– Oh My!

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