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Hello beautiful people!

It’s been quite a wild ride over the past 6 months for the edgy rock diamond, Michael Scott Parker. And quite a lot of work and discipline. But all for the sake of creature rock. She is pleased to bring you the new and improved, creative and uncompromising, sensual and intellectual Oh My! Lots of good news for you all!!!! And again, we thank you for your support, interest, and unconditional love!!

Michael creature moved the Pink Elephant recording studio to the center of San Francisco, CA! Great job to M&M management for getting Oh My! to the center of the creative movement. There is a major transition going on in the music industry right now that has led us to think about the level of artistic independence demanded by Michael’s pursuits.

As an entrepreneur in her own right, Michael has successfully incorporated as an independent record label, Oh My! Music!!!!!!!!!! The vision is to involve the most talented artists and musicians, and provide authentic music, visual/audio media, and unique performances to her audiences in the Bay area and beyond.

Like we said before, the music industry is changing. This is not your typical record label, but then again, Oh My! isn’t your typical band! The business/label/music publishing company serves the creatives and their array of projects and authentic products. Along with the release of world wide distributed music and eccentric music performances, the business will be organizing art shows and releasing printed media from select artists, photographers, and designers. And you are going to love the Oh My! merchandise, which is based on Michael’s paintings and comic book characters. This is the place to get not only your favorite art-wares, but where you also support the artists and musicians who make them, directly!

The long-awaited album, Naked, is worth the anticipation. In addition to the move to California, the rebanding process, and production and mastering on the album, Michael has completed an entire series of acrylic paintings, which are featured as the album art. And the powerfully striking album cover has the fingerprint of none other than (Rolling Stone magazine’s first photographer) Baron Wolman!

Naked will be available for sale soon off,, and itunes. Also, we will have shirts and stickers available at shows and online. We will keep you informed of the release party!! Michael will be there, selling and autographing copies of Naked for a fans only discount. Hope to see you there!

The search continues to flesh out Michael’s creative vision. She is currently seeking an upright / electric bassist, so if you have any leads in the Bay area, please let her know.

Check out Oh My!’s youtube video channel at


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