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Michael has said good-bye to Colorado (for now) and has set up her recording studio in downtown San Francisco! The Colorado Springs Gazette concluded their coverage of Michael’s artistic endeavors in a Go! article on May 4. She continues to work and master with her producer, John Standish of City Tracks, through their mysterious ways of over-the-states interconnectedness.

Michael is excited by the abundance of musicians and venues, and is moving quickly in the Bay area, rebuilding Oh My! and finishing the artwork for the upcoming album, Naked. She already has an entire new body of work that she is starting to record in her new California creative space.

Along with her musical output, there has been an overflow of artwork from the eccentric enigma, reflecting her travel out west as well as her inventive imagination. The artist/musician has made a lasting mark on the wild west. Her flavor is already becoming irresistible in the dynamic city of San Francisco. Updates on upcoming events to follow.

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