Creation is her natural state – an outpouring of self-discovery that she shares with the world. So what is the altitude from which Michael views the world?

The inner workings of her mind are shown in a language she found herself channeling into an actual written and spoken phenomenon! She visualized characters in her dreams and without a learning curve, began filling journals with this special writing. The words and characters are, to her, shapes of sounds. Her writing, artistically penned, resembles musical notation mixed with heiroglyphics. She gave the language the title of Euthinethany, after waking up from a sound dream, and it was the only word she could say all day.

Euthinethany Euthinethany


Euthinethany numeralsEuthinethany has been evolving into a spoken language as she dreams the interpretation of the sounds of words. “It’s so melodic to hear her speak it, it almost feels like you are being blessed,” says a fan.

Michael didn’t realize that she had begun integrating Euthinethany into everyday life. She just wrote it without any explanations, leaving grocery lists in Euthinethany and mystifying family members when they came across her to do lists. This is the first depiction of the inexplicable event. Michael has now begun to use it in her art, and is selling it to fans who see the beauty in the unique presentation of her soul.

She took the language to a shaman, who told her that she was a “star child” and that her language was surely from Andromeda. He said to be aware of other creatives who my also be channeling this star language. She doesn’t know about all that, but she said it was fantastic inspiration for her lyrics. And she displayed an obvious interest in her own bizarre revelation by writing the song “Star Child” that is currently being recorded for her next album. She went away and stayed in a nunnery, cornering the energy of this language to compose the tune. Many people have said that her unusual wiring is what makes her so charming.

Michael’s mental activity sometimes overwhelms her. She developed an entire mythology of characters to assign her complicated personal contructions. The Pink Elephant/Greyman Series are treasured drawings with cryptic captions, all hand-written. Basically, a raw creative representation of her many moods, all searching to reveal the face of the main character, a vintage doll named #17. Michael has hand-made, life-sized sculptures of the characters on display in her studio. The pink elephant head dominates her recording studio – “she’s there to bring happy energy to my work time and is the protector of my band.” The comics are distributed personally and simetimes, if time permits, Michael will even read the stories to you with different character voices. There seem to be at least six main characters that are representational of Michael’s dimensionality. Along with Pink Elephant, who is elegant, dignified, colorful, creative and centered, there is Grayman, who is the chaotic, raw, wild, dark-yet-brilliant shape-shifter. There is Blackbird, watcher of the soul. There is Joe, the comic relief, two-headed skeleton who is constantly talking amongst his own dual personalities. There is Clay, the doleful doldrum who is a globule of fear. #17 is the mysterious…read the comic.

Pink Elephant / Greyman Pink Elephant / Greyman

The art, though small, is still detailed with emotion and vibrancy. There are snippets of poetry and song lyrics, even some explanations of the roots of some of her music. By connecting the dots of Michael’s expresive trail, one discovers a woman who is already very aware of who she is, using her art and life as a catalyst for showing others how it’s done.

Prints of Michael’s artworks are available by clicking “Add to Cart” below the piece:


Affected - Pastel by Michael Scott Parker, 2009


“Blue Belle”

Blue Belle - Pastel by Michael Scott Parker, 2009


“Hogan and Jethro”

Hogan and Jethro - Pastel by Michael Scott Parker, 2009


“Little Boy Blue”

Little Boy Blue - Pastel by Michael Scott Parker, 2009


“One-Woman Band”

One-Woman Band - Pastel by Michael Scott Parker, 2009


“The Conductor”

The Conductor - Pastel by Michael Scott Parker, 2009


Aqua Woman in Love, 2007

Aqua Woman in Love, 2007. Acrylic on Canvas.

Michael Scott Parker

Phone Booth

City Circles and a Phone Booth, 2007. Acrylic on Canvas.

Michael Scott Parker


SF Motorcycle Manifesto

San Francisco Motorcycle Manifesto, 2007.

Acrylic on Canvas. Michael Scott Parker


The Dimensions of Mathew,

A.K.A. Lion, Dragon, Pilot, 2007

Acrylic on canvas, Michael Scott Parker

The Idealized Woman

The Idealized Woman, 2007.

Acrylic on Canvas. Michael Scott Parker

Phoenix and the Ghost Train by Michael Scott Parker

Phoenix and the Ghost Train, 2007.

Acrylic on Canvas. Michael Scott Parker

Juggling Dreams by Michael Scott Parker

Juggling Dreams, 2007.

Acrylic on Canvas. Michael Scott Parker

Horns, 2007. Acrylic on canvas, Michael Scott Parker

Horns, 2007.

Acrylic on Canvas. Michael Scott Parker

The Story of the Pink Elephant

Oh My!’s, and Michael’s, personal mascot is Pink Elephant.

Having made many pink elephants in various media just for personal gratification, Michael began searching for the right image, something that was reproducible for her band logo. Searching online, she came across an image of a pink elephant that she knew was the one. She sought out the person who owned the image to see if she could get permission to use it. Investigation revealed that a man named Alf Pyner, who taught colour theory for the Royal Air Force in England during the 1940’s and 50’s, had found the outline of the elephant during World War 2. But it was a white elephant. At that time in England, a costly purchase of something of no use was called a “White Elephant.”
“Mr. Pyner adapted the elephant to his colour theory slide presentation, adding a green filter to create a green elephant. After his audience viewed the green elephant a few moments, he switched to a blank,white screen, and the audience then saw a pink elephant floating in their vision. This
was to demonstrate how the eye retains an image and “sees” the image in complementary colours when the viewer suddently looks at a light background,” says Bob Carter, Mr. Pyner’s VP- so Mr. Pyner laughed when Michael asked to use the “pink” elephant, since it never existed.

Alf Pyner granted Michael permission to use the image he found. She was pleased to hear such interesting details behind its origin. No one knows who drew the elephant outline. The only change Michael has made to the design was adding a star to her forehead, which she says to be her intuitive third eye.

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